Nike Evokes Disney Magic With Fairytale-Like Ad On Making Your Dreams Come True

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Video screenshot via Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo

Inspired by a real-life tale of a young girl turning into a “fairy princess” on a skateboard, Nike is celebrating “new fairies” who trounce stereotypes in sports with a nostalgic, Disney-esque film created by advertising partner Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo.

The spot’s princess is Brazil-based Rayssa Leal, who at the age of seven took the world by storm with a video of her skating in a fairy princess outfit. Tony Hawk called the move a “fairytale heelflip.”

This year, the now-13-year-old left spectators spellbound again as she competed as an Olympian again for the first time, and earned a silver medal in women’s street skateboarding at the games.

As part of Nike’s ongoing Play New initiative welcoming all to the male-dominated world of sports, the advertisement revives Leal’s fairy wings with animated animals seemingly straight out of Disney films. Set to Cinderella’s A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Nike’s muse for the spot is clear.

The video follows another Disney-inspired commercial by Apple, which imagines iPads as the stuff Ariel the mermaid might dream about.

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[via The Drum, video and cover image via Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo]

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