New Instagram Phishing Scam Claims To Have Edited Your Pictures ‘For Hours’

Image via Michele Ursi /

Recently, users on Instagram have been receiving messages from random accounts, claiming to have edited their pictures “for hours.” This seems to be an emerging scam, targeting everyone, especially photographers.

According to a report by Yahoo, the messages received by users all follow a similar script. They’re told that their pictures have been edited, with the sender saying it took them “three hours to make.”

The message then contains a link to the so-called edited images, but upon clicking it, you’ll be requested to enter your Instagram login details, as per DIY Photography.

If you come across such messages, don’t enter your login details – this is a phishing scam designed to steal your credentials and information.

While most people may ignore such messages, some creators may not like that others have edited their pictures, causing them to fall for the phishing scam by attempting to the view the “edited images.”

Be sure to keep on the lookout for suspicious links and messages.

[via DIY Photography, cover image via Michele Ursi /]

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