New Amphibious RV Can Go From Land To Water In Seconds

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Image via CAMI

Ever lament the fact you’d probably never be able to afford superyachts billionaires cruise on? Well, there’s a recreational vehicle that combines a motorhome with a yacht—plus it has an onboard jacuzzi.

This land-to-water RV was created by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI), a company that’s been developing amphibious vehicles for over 20 years. Its offerings include an amphibious sports car, search and rescue vehicle, and, the most impressive: the Terra Wind RV.

According to Jalopnik, the Class-A RV made the news nearly two decades ago, though it seemed to disappear from the media after. However, upon checking CAMI’s catalog, it does seem the motorhome is available for purchase as of 2019.

Measuring 42.5 feet long and 102 inches wide, the Terra Wind is said to have a top speed of 80mph on land, and eight knots in water – similar to the speed of a large yacht.

A key difference, however, is that the Terra Wind cannot be operated in open water. It only has a 3.5-foot draft, enabling it up to handle up to four-foot waves and 40mph winds. The firm recommends only using the motorhome in lakes and rivers.

The interior of the vehicle features marble tiled floors, leather upholstery, and granite countertops similar to a luxury yacht. There’s also the usual features of an RV such as a kitchen and spacious master bedroom.

Thinking of getting your hands on one? The Terra Wind retails from US$850,000. Take a look at how it works below.

Image via CAMI

Image via CAMI

Image via CAMI

Image via CAMI

Image via CAMI

[via Jalopnik, images via CAMI]

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