Netflix & UN Women Roll Out ‘Because She Watched’ Collection Curated By Creators

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Netflix teamed up with UN Women to unveil a ‘Because She Watched’ collection, which includes a lineup of films, series, and documentaries celebrating female stories, for International Women’s Day.

The collection is curated by female creators behind the scenes and onscreen including Sophia Loren, Janet Mock, Salma Hayek, Yalitza Aparicio, Millie Bobby Brown, Laurie Nunn, Lana Condor and Petra Costa. The watch list will be available throughout the year, and can be accessed through this link, or by searching “Because She Watched” on Netflix.

The titles in the series are labeled as, “XXX’s Women’s Day Pick,” noting the individual’s choice. Viewers can also watch shows with their favorite female characters via ‘Because She Watched’ profile icons.

The UN Women and Netflix collaboration honors the 25th anniversary of the Generation Equality campaign of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which strives for women’s rights.

Check out some picks from notable females below.

For International Women’s Day, we asked 55 inspiring women to recommend the film or series that inspires them ( — here are a few of their inspired choices.

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Salma Hayek, Unbelievable
"A meaningful piece of work about the importance of women being heard… This work is a reminder that women are precious and that our voices are essential in the fight for justice."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Mindy Kaling, Chewing Gum
"One the most original comedy series of all time. Michaela Coel is hilarious and touching as a young, sheltered woman who longs for passion and adventure. It's wonderful to see such a talented young woman of color create her own show."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Millie Bobby Brown, Miss Americana
"I chose Miss Americana because it followed a true story of a woman trying to navigate a difficult industry."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Laverne Cox, The Call To Courage
"I feel Brené Brown's work on vulnerability, shame, and belonging is some of the most vital of our time in healing ourselves and the divide that keep us from each other."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Lana Condor, Grace & Frankie
"I chose Grace & Frankie because it champions the idea that women can be vibrant, active, entrepreneurs at any age. And celebrates the importance of female relationships."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

Logan Browning, Someone Great
"Because it follows a friendship story between 3 young women who have their fullest selves exposed without judgement."

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 8, 2020

[via Forbes, cover image via Netflix]

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