MSCHF Issues 1,000 Keys That All Unlock The Same Mysterious Car In NYC

Image via MSCHF


MSCHF is selling a thousand keys, and all of them unlock the same car. So what may be the closest we get to a treasure hunt has people scouring the city of New York looking for this elusive vehicle. 

The art collective, known for its tongue-in-cheek projects such as the notorious ‘Satan’ Nikes, is turning a single car into a quasi-form of public transport. By selling the keys, it essentially makes all 1,000 holders of it owners of the same vehicle. The aptly-named project, ‘Key4All’, is being sold at US$19 a piece, and a full rundown of the rules can be found here
But first, you’ll need to find the right lock. To do so, the art collective is sending people out into the streets of New York to hunt the car down. 
Participants will be given a fob that will light up green when it is near the vehicle. Other clues can be solicited from the company by calling a hotline (+1 337-539-4255).







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MSCHF has yet to announce the car’s model as it is waiting for all the keys to be sold off first. However, in a statement to Highsnobiety, it did mention that the automotive is a classic and is equipped with a turbo engine. 
The whole setup is reminiscent of the lawless workings of Grand Theft Auto, where players can slip in and out of any set of wheels they find on the street. The same applies here. There is no ultimate winner to the vehicle, as anyone with the key can snatch it away. This more ethical form of carjacking, in turn, makes the automobile a shared resource among those who have purchased the key.
The art group did note that whoever finds it is in charge of its upkeep and gas. Participants are also not allowed to deface, sell, or destroy the automobile, since MSCHF ultimately owns the vehicle. 
It is also mentioned that there is no end to this venture. The car will be in use forever, or until it gets impounded, according to the art pranksters. 
[via Hypebeast and Highsnobiety, cover image via MSCHF]

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