Microsoft Launches Xbox Series S…uitcase Packed With An Entire Gaming System

Image via Xbox Australia and New Zealand

Apparently, the “S” in Xbox Series S also stands for safe travels or suitcase, as Microsoft has just banded together with premium travel accessories brand July to design luggage uncannily resembling the gaming console.

The limited-edition Xbox Series S suitcase, literally rolled out by Xbox Australia and New Zealand, features a sleek white exterior with a textured black circle, reminiscent of the body and fan grill of the device. It’s, unfortunately, not for sale, and is part of a sweepstakes promoting Microsoft’s Flight Simulator for those who have ever dreamed of becoming pilots.

It’s not just game for travel, though—there’s room for entertainment too, whether in-flight or at home. Inside the suitcase is an actual Microsoft Series S console, wireless controllers, connecting cables, a portable ASUS ROG Strix XG17 display, and other accessories, Yanko Design details. The goodies, plus the luggage, are apparently worth AU$3,282 (US$2,410).

With the Microsoft Flight Simulator inviting players to take to the skies without even leaving their doors, the suitcase does it one better by getting them to ponder: “​​Where’s the first place you’ll fly to in Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox?”

Exclusively for Australian and New Zealand residents over the age of 13, the Xbox Series S suitcase will be up for the taking through August 2, 2021.

If you’re more of an indoor gamer, how about peering into this illuminated Xbox Mini-Fridge instead?

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[via Yanko Design, images via Xbox Australia and New Zealand]

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