Microsoft Edge’s Revamped Browser Logo Is Mocked With Hilarious Tide Pod Memes

Image via Primakov / and Logopedia

Microsoft’s Edge browser attempts to switch things up by bringing in a new logo. Instead of the usual white stylized “e” against a blue background, the new logo features a swirling blue-and-green design. Twitter users are now comparing the new logo to a range of items, from Tide Pods to Chrome and Firefox.

The Tide Pod comparison has perhaps generated the funniest memes. Twitter user Jeff Higgins states that the logo looks like something he would throw into the dryer to make his clothes smell like “perfumey palm trees.”

Others also shared pictures of the logo with the Tide Pod side-by-side, calling the new logo “Microsoft TidePod.”

These are not all. Twitter users are also mocking the design with comparisons to other prominent logos, such as Chrome and Firefox.

One user brought out an old meme unraveling the “real” identity of Microsoft Edge browser as Internet Explorer, while the new meme unveils its identity as Chrome.

Another creative interpretation shows Microsoft Edge logo is just another version of Firefox after being “rotated 180 degrees” and with a different color.

All these hilarious memes are adding publicity to the refreshed design, so they are perhaps a positive sign for the company.

The final clue led to the new Microsoft Edge logo. This was a really fun hunt, and only made possible by everyone working together over on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. Thanks for all the fun!

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) November 2, 2019

The new Microsoft Edge logo looks more like the logo for something I’d toss in the dryer to make my clothes softer and smell like perfumey palm trees.

— Jeff Higgins (Professional Whatever) (@ItsJeffHiggins) November 2, 2019

And we are calling it…Microsoft TidePods!

here's the new Microsoft Edge logo:

— Mehedi Hassan (@mehedih_) November 2, 2019

Dangerously close to the Firefox logo in my opinion 😂

— Andrew Miller (安藤龍) (@ikari7789) November 3, 2019

Old meme VS new meme#Edge #Edgelogo

— Andrea Crisci アンドレア (@andreeee99) November 2, 2019

New Microsoft Edge Logo looks a lot like Firefox, inverted and rotated 180°. Well done, designers.

— T❘LM△N (@Tilman) November 2, 2019

[via Mashable, cover image via various sources]

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