McDonald’s Ridicules Pretentious Coffee-Styling Shoots To Showcase McCafé Drinks

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Video screenshots via Publicis UK

McDonald’s UK is giving hipster cafés its two cents worth with a new snarky campaign celebrating the simplicity of McCafé coffees.

The amusing social media posts, created by advertising agency Publicis, don’t look too far off typical usual studio shots—the coffee is placed against backdrops with dry ice and even an adorable cat—until you read their copy.

“We could post funky studio setups for our product next to random objects…” one reads. A hand then moves the cup outside the set to suggest that there’s no need for bells and whistles if you make great coffee.

The humorous campaign brings to light all the manipulation that might take place behind the scenes at food-styling shoots, when most of the time, you just need one good product.

[via Ads of the World, videos and cover image via Publicis UK]

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