If Elon Musk Built His Own ‘Disneyland’, This Tesla Theme Park Might Be It

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image courtesy of Lease Fetcher, featured with permission

Bored of the usual Disney World, Universal Studios, or Six Flags?

UK car leasing site Lease Fetcher has dreamed up a theme park through the lens of Elon Musk or Tesla. The visionary ‘CyberLand’ is imagined as an adrenaline-filled exhibition of Tesla’s innovations in the Mojave desert, full of pioneering technology and intriguing features.

Consisting of 12 main attractions and ranging from an underground tunnel coaster to a playground on Mars, it’s a futuristic theme park concept unlike any other.

Preview some illustrations, and explore the project in full here.

‘Cybertruck Dodgems’

Image courtesy of Lease Fetcher, featured with permission

One of Tesla’s most well-known inventions is the Cybertruck, a pickup that promises “more performance than a sports car.”

Combine it with a theme park staple – bumper cars – and you get uber-fast ‘Cybertruck Dodgems’, where you can hop into the front seat of the all-electric truck and wreck havoc with your companions. Be sure to look out for the self-driving dodgems, too.

‘Underground Tunnel Roller Coaster’

Image courtesy of Lease Fetcher, featured with permission

A ride not for the faint-hearted is the ‘Underground Tunnel Roller Coaster’, a one-of-a-kind coaster that’s meant to emulate freight tunnels currently being built under America’s streets.

You’ll be able to dive deep into Tesla’s “underworld,” before emerging back into the open at breakneck speed. Hang on tight.

‘Flying Cars Swing Ride’

Image courtesy of Lease Fetcher, featured with permission

While flying cars have yet to be added to Tesla’s portfolio, in ‘CyberLand’, anything’s possible.

Take a swing in a Tesla Model X while high up in the sky, with their signature gullwing doors open so you get a bird’s eye view of the theme park. Just remember not to look down!

‘SpaceX Rocket Launch Slingshot Ride’

Image courtesy of Lease Fetcher, featured with permission

Ever dream of being aboard one of SpaceX’s rockets? At ‘CyberLand’, you can be part of the journey with the ‘SpaceX Rocket Launch Slingshot Ride’.

Buckle up and strap yourself in, this ride commemorating Space X’s successful launch of the Falcon Heavy in 2018 allows you to experience interstellar flight for over 20 seconds.

While ‘CyberLand’ may only exist in concept illustrations (for now), one can only hope something like this would become a reality in the future.

Other automotive companies like Ferrari have already built their own theme parks, and Elon Musk had once promised to install a roller coaster at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

[via Lease Fetcher, images featured with permission] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/413985/If-Elon-Musk-Built-His-Own-Disneyland-This-Tesla-Theme-Park-Might-Be-It/

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