Iconic Car Designer For McLaren & BMW Reveals Coloring Book Of Signature Designs

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Photo 55373385 © Thevirex | Dreamstime.com

Renowned American car designer Frank Stephenson has a large portfolio of iconic car designs under his belt from his time in the industry. Now, the man behind the Maserati Gransport, the 1999 redesign of the BMW Mini, and several McLaren cars is releasing a coloring book of signature automobile sketches.

Made in collaboration with Fireball Publishing, a company creating automotive-centered coloring books, the official coloring book will contain 19 of Stephenson’s favorite cars. The man behind the publishing house, known as Fireball Tim, is in charge of drawing the backgrounds while Stephenson himself does the illustrations for the cars he knows so well. Additionally, a paperback of Cool Race Maze is included with the book.

Stephenson left McLaren after spending a decade with the firm, simultaneously leaving the automotive industry behind. The reason for this, he details in an interview with HotCars, is his realization that he’d probably “spend the next 10 years endlessly refining the same cars over and over again,” which wasn’t something that he’d wanted to continue with. Now, he does YouTube.

The coloring book is available for purchase on Amazon for US$9.99. As Tim describes, “crazy-kool.”

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[via Motor1, photo 55373385 © Thevirex | Dreamstime.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414986/Iconic-Car-Designer-For-McLaren-BMW-Reveals-Coloring-Book-Of-Signature-Designs/

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