Google Is Working On A ‘Switch To Android’ App To Get iPhone Users To Jump Ship

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Muscle memory is one big reason why people are unwilling to let go of the brands making their devices, and with the codependent ecosystem set up by Apple that allows you to perform tasks across an iPhone, Mac, and iPad, and even the Apple Watch, it’s going to be difficult to wean users off its products.

For awhile now, Apple has had a ‘Move to iOS’ app which transfers data from an Android smartphone to a new iPhone, and it seems like Google is finally working on its own. Unpacking the code in a new update (version 1.0.382048734) for Android’s Data Restore Tool, 9to5Google spotted references to a ‘Switch to Android’ app.

From what 9to5Google reporter Kyle Bradshaw gathered from the code, Android and iOS devices would be synced to each other via a local Wi-Fi network, instead of a USB-C to Lightning cable.

If and when the Switch to Android app launches, iOS users would be able to install it from the App Store.

Worth noting is that Switch to Android differs from the existing Data Restore Tool in that—apart from data like contacts and text messages—even apps could be transferred to Android devices, though how Google will achieve that is unclear.

At present, iOS users would need to back up their data in Google Drive and manually redownload everything in new Android devices. An app that can perform all of this on their behalf would certainly ease some of their qualms about making the transition.

[via BGR and 9to5Google, cover image via ID 166420180 © Kuprevich |]

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