Getty Images Moves To Ban AI-Generated Content From Its Stock Library

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Following an uproar on social media that saw visual artists protesting against imagery generated by artificial intelligence (AI) models, several high-profile online communities announced a decision to ban such works from their platforms. 

Now, stock picture depository Getty Images is following suit and forbidding AI-generated art from being uploaded on its site, citing “unaddressed rights issues” that could murk the waters of current copyright laws. 

In addition, it will begin removing existing AI-generated images, such as those created by popular generators DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion

Speaking to CNET, Getty Images CEO Craig Peters said that halting such content “will be an ongoing effort.” Pictures found in the platform’s library require a signed model, property releases, and biometric releases for entities featuring in the imagery, which AI-created works do not offer. 


Most of the works created by AI models are sampled from other images online, which may or may not be copyrighted, thus making it difficult for sites like Getty Images to ensure no regulations are being flouted. 


Vice also noted that Shutterstock seems to be following Getty Images’ lead and has begun removing AI-generated artworks from its library. 




[via CNET and Vice, cover image via Mykhailo Polenok |]

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