France Will Pay People To Ditch Their Cars And Ride E-Bikes Instead

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As stresses on climate change escalate, France is introducing a new scheme to drive people away from gas-chugging cars. 


The French government is providing €4,000 (US$3,969) to citizens who trade in their cars to help them pay for new electric bicycles. The amount will be awarded to every family member. 


However, the full lump sum will only be given to lower-income households and will be prorated against each family’s income. 


According to The Times, the incentive is one of the more generous provisions given by the government in order to reduce carbon emissions in the country.   


Individuals or families who are not ready to give up on their cars just yet but are looking to test out e-bikes will be provided with €400 (US$396) to help subsidize the cost. 


Cities such as Paris are offering €500 (US$596) instead under The Socialist-Green council. 


France is one of the fastest countries in Europe to adapt to bikes in 2018, with many of its major cities and towns being more accessible via two wheels than by car.


The nation has also adopted several other programs to reduce its carbon emissions, from instilling a law stating that shops with air conditioning will have to keep their doors closed. 


Europe in general is taking major strides towards reducing its car population. Many countries are also offering incentives to get people to walk or cycle to work instead of driving. According to the Light Electric Vehicle Association, Belgium pays its citizens US$0.45 for every mile that someone rides to work by bicycle. The Netherlands and the UK also have similar schemes.


[via Electrek and The Times, Photo 150098982 © Vitpho |]

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