Five-Star London Hotel Tailors Package To Give Guests The Ideal Slumber

Image via Rocco Forte Hotels


There’s something about luscious hotel beds and sheets that make for the best sleep ever. And knowing that, this five-star hotel in London wants to offer guests just that with its special ‘Forte Winks’ offering.

“Arising from a dreamy, undisturbed sleep feeling totally refreshed is the perfect way to begin your day,” Brown’s Hotel said. 


Image via Rocco Forte Hotels


During the two-night stay, the hotel has partnered with luxury sleepwear and accessory brands YOLKE and Masters of Mayfair to provide a curated sleeping kit for guests. This includes a set of luxurious pajamas, a lavender-infused sleep mask, and a night cream to complete the set. 


During the day, you’ll be treated to a Bunoa Notte facial at the establishment’s onsite spa, followed by an exclusive turndown service that offers a range of calming teas—from chamomile to herbal blends—so you can wind down and get ready for bed. 

Even better, there’s no need to rush for the buffet line in the morning, as a home-cooked, delicious breakfast will be delivered right to your room for you to sip on your coffee in comfort. 


Image via Rocco Forte Hotels


“After that, all that’s left for you to do is use your newfound energy and optimism to explore Mayfair and beyond,” the hotel remarked. 

The special experience is available from October 2022 through 2023, starting from US$1,700 for two people.




[via Robb Report and Rocco Forte Hotels, cover image via Rocco Forte Hotels]

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