Dove Introduces Refillable Deodorant With A Lifetime Guarantee For The Packaging

Image via Dove

Dove is making strides in the sustainability department with its first-ever Refillable Deodorant.

The company partnered with A Plastic Planet and Dutch design consultancy VanBerlo to create a white, palm-sized, refillable steel case that is environmentally-friendly. It comes in a white outer packaging made of 100-percent Forest Stewardship Council-grade paper.

The stainless steel case carries the gentle deodorant and is designed to be kept for life. Although there is still plastic incorporated in the packaging, the steel case is made with 54-percent less plastic than its predecessors and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The small amount of plastic used is also 98-percent recycled.

As for the actual deodorant in the case, the solid stick is made of an aluminum-free formula that will fit seamlessly into your beauty routine. It promises to shield from underarm odors for up to 48 hours without damaging the environment.

Dove’s latest packaging innovation is important as it shows how the beauty industry can take steps to minimize plastic waste.

Meet @Dove’s first refillable deodorant.

Buy once. Refill for life.

Join #TheBeautyRefillution #DoveRefillableDeodorant #CareThatGoesFurther

— Unilever #StaySafe (@Unilever) January 25, 2021

Image via Dove

Image via Dove

[via Shemazing, cover image via Dove]

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