Coldplay Premieres Latest Music Video In Space Aboard The ISS

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Video screenshot via Coldplay

Chris Martin sang about it all being yellow, and now, he can add blue and green to his list as well. After teasing fans with cryptic, otherworldly visuals, British rock group Coldplay ended up premiering its Higher Power track and music video in space, where the band also got a view of Earth from the International Space Station (ISS).

Coldplay worked with European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet to debut the song on the ISS. Meanwhile, the music video was beamed to Earth via satellite for an “intergalactic premiere.”

Since Pesquet was the first of the public to view the music video, lead singer Martin called it a “one-man concert.” The French astronaut offered the band a glimpse of his view from the ISS, which fans can now also enjoy thanks to a new video.

“It’s amazing how small and kind of finite and fragile the Earth is… it’s an oasis, it’s a ball, it’s self-contained,” the astronaut reflected in their conversation. “Everything we have is here and there’s nothing else anywhere else. So you have to use your resources wisely. You have to share; you have to work together.”

In line with the choice of launch, the music video fittingly includes alien hologram backup dancers.

Higher Power is out now. Merci @Thom_astro for the intergalactic premiere 🚀 love c, g, w & j

— Coldplay (@coldplay) May 6, 2021

[via Rolling Stone and Sky News, videos and cover image via Coldplay]

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