Chadwick Boseman NFT Gets Wholly Redesigned Due To Backlash

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Nominees from this year’s Academy Awards were handed copies of a digital artwork featuring Chadwick Boseman’s head, in honor of the late actor. This sparked an outcry, and audiences argued that it was an attempt to “capitalize on a tragedy” amid the NFT craze. Boseman also ended up losing out to Anthony Hopkins in the Best Actor category, which made the homage even more unfavorable.

Now, Andre Oshea, the Black 3D artist behind the NFT, has given the tribute a complete makeover, as reported by HYPEBEAST. The new work, A Young Boy’s Dream, envisions the back view of a Black child exploring a dreamlike world filled with Black Panther references.

As the boy keeps walking, he passes by altars revering some of Boseman’s accomplishments, like his graduation and wedding, as well as on-screen roles.

The revamp additionally quells gripes that Oshea had used a 3D model of Boseman’s head as the centerpiece of the original NFT, even though it was a royalty-free asset and that buyers were allowed to incorporate it in their artwork.

Similar to the goal set for the previous version, 50 percent of the amount generated from this NFT will go to the Colon Cancer Foundation to advance research for colon cancer as well as finance 10,000 colorectal cancer screenings for underserved communities.

The introduction of a faceless child is a wise decision, as Oshea had realized after the backlash that putting Boseman’s face front and center could be deemed a “triggering reminder of his death rather than his life.”

This time around, he has shifted the focus to the fantasy world seen in the animation. “I wanted to create a world that is filled with wonder, legacy and soul—just like Chadwick was,” Oshea explained. “It was massively important to me that the piece empower and educate on what we can do when we believe in our creative abilities. Chadwick has set an example for Black creatives of all generations and we should carry his torch with us.”

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This piece will be auctioned from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th on @makersplaceco & proceeds will be donated in support of The Colon Cancer Foundation. Our goal is to help 10,000 people in underserved communities.

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