Burberry Turns Adam Driver Into A Centaur And Everyone Is Confused But Attracted

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Image via Burberry

Burberry Hero is the brand’s new eau de toilette, and with a name like that, the advertising campaign naturally drove to live up to the title. The plan? Cast Adam Driver as the protagonist of the short film, in which he turns into a centaur at the end. What was not part of the plan was the internet exploding into a centaur-related flurry.

Hero is described as an “enthralling marriage of strength and subtlety, power and compassion, athleticism and creativity.” Its scent is “brightened” by bergamot and notes of juniper and black pepper. The scent and its campaign hope to reflect modern masculinity, as well as the power to transform and “embrace who you really are.”

Soundtracked by FKA Twig’s sultry Two Weeks, the commercial features Driver, shirtless the whole way through, chasing a horse down the expanse of a gorgeous sandy beach before… evolving into a centaur at the end? He fades from sight, replaced with the bottle, and it all ends (and leaves everyone to deal with their resultant emotions).

Image via Burberry

Which begs the question: who is the hero, what makes them a hero, and is there even one? Is there a solid answer to this question, and how do we know for sure? Is the hero supposed to be left up to our judgment as an audience, reflective of the subjective nature of our concept of ‘hero’ as a society? Or has everyone just been too distracted by Driver’s impact on emotional states across the world to ponder the answers to these questions?

Whatever it is, one thing cuts through the confusion, perhaps the only beacon of certainty in an unstable time where everyone is questioning their attraction to a non-existent centaur. And that thing is that Burberry Hero is available to preorder now on Burberry’s website, starting at US$78 for 50ml.

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me waiting in the ocean for centaur adam driver pic.twitter.com/Wdf6hqQA2Q

— Megan Myers (@meganemyers) July 28, 2021

adam driver doing a cologne ad where he becomes a centaur is completely on brand for him pic.twitter.com/l7ASsiry98

— M🌙 (@adambsolodriver) July 27, 2021

[via The Cut, images via Burberry] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414970/Burberry-Turns-Adam-Driver-Into-A-Centaur-And-Everyone-Is-Confused-But-Attracted/

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