Bugatti Reignites Pre-Loved Hypercars For Sale Under New Certified Program

Image via Bugatti


While most of us typically don’t consider Bugattis when shopping for a used vehicle, perhaps now’s a great time to consider increasing your budget and snagging some of the world’s most premium cars. 


The automaker is introducing a new program that will verify pre-owned Veyrons or Chirons for buyers looking to purchase a pre-loved supercar, with each vehicle awarded an official certification declaring its status. 


Together with the peace of mind that you’ve indeed bought a real Bugatti, the program will offer a limited one-year warranty for these second-hand vehicles.


Chiron models will come with the same warranty as those offered on new cars, covering mechanical and electrical repairs, corrosion, or paintwork mishaps. 


As for the Veyrons, the warranty will only cover the cost of parts and labor costs for electrical and mechanical fixes; though both warranties will be applicable at its 13 dealerships worldwide. 


In addition, those opting for the Certified Pre-Owned program will receive a complimentary annual service that can be used within a year of receiving the car, which is probably a worthy deal considering a basic maintenance reportedly costing “upwards of $50,000 per year.”


“The Veyron and Chiron are true automotive icons, hyper sports cars that set breathtaking new standards,” said Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles. 


“Our new Certified Pre-Owned program means that those who want to savor the incomparable excellence of the Veyron and Chiron by opting for previously enjoyed examples, can now benefit from the exemplary customer service and unique attention to detail that only authorized Bugatti Service Partners are able to offer.”


Image via Bugatti






[via The Drive and Bugatti]

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