Apple’s Rejected First-Gen Watch With ‘Brick Phone’ Design Surfaces In Images

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High on secrecy, Apple turned to creative means to keep the unreleased Apple Watch from the public’s eye. It apparently gave its prototypes an unusual disguise in the form of brick phones.

YouTube channel Apple Demo, which managed to pick up a 38mm first-gen Apple Watch working design recently, along with a 42mm variant in December 2020, noted that the prototype arrived in a ‘Security Case’ shaped like a brick-style phone as part of Apple’s attempt to shield the design during transportation.

From afar, the prototype would admittedly look the part with the cover’s fake cell phone buttons and the watch’s illuminated screen.

When switched on, the early Apple Watch design was found to run on an internal testing software developed before watchOS. It bore an Apple logo startup screen, a Mickey Mouse watch face, and a menu of phone functions.

The prototype’s box was also labeled as “classified,” and instructed the tester to return the model after working on it.

Fast forward to 2021, and Apple is due to release its seventh-generation smartwatch. Per leaks, the Apple Watch 7 will likely take on some design aspects of the company’s new iPads, like flatter edges.

Prototype Apple Watches (38mm and 42mm) with Security Cases side by side. These cases where made to conceal the design of the Apple Watch 1st Generation during transport out of lockdown. Here is the never before seen 38mm version! Gotta love the brick phone design! #appleinternal

— Apple Demo (@AppleDemoYT) June 12, 2021

[via AppleInsider, cover image via Andriy Blokhin /]

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