Apple’s macOS Monterey Transforms Your MacBook, iPad & iMac Into A Mega Computer

Video screenshot via Apple

Chances are you own more than one type of Apple device. And chances are, beyond AirDrop, you’ve been using them independently of each other. Apple is finally changing that by powerfully integrating your iPad and Mac devices and turning them into a giant screen.

At WWDC 2021, Apple’s software engineering Senior VP Craig Federighi showed off ‘Universal Control’, an impressive feature that lets you focus on a project on both iPadOS and the new macOS Monterey. With Universal Control, you can connect your iPad, MacBook, and iMac wirelessly and use the same mouse or keyboard to access go-to apps from each platform.

You can also drag and drop content between your tablet and computer displays. For example, you might be illustrating from your iPad with an Apple Pencil—and instead of sharing the final image via AirDrop or other apps—you could simply drag it into a Keynote presentation on the iMac.

Federighi demonstrated this feature with three displays, using the MacBook’s trackpad to navigate the iMac and then switching to the iMac’s keyboard and mouse to work on the iPad. He then dragged a title text image from the iPad, past the MacBook screen, and dropped it into FinalCut on the iMac.

Apple says no setup is required for Universal Control, and that macOS Monterey should be publicly available this fall.

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[via Mashable, video and cover image via Apple]

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