Apple’s ‘Find My’ Feature Can Still Be Used When Your iPhone Is Off With iOS 15

Image via Apple

When iOS 15 launches this fall, Apple is bringing more changes to its expansive ‘Find My’ network.

Even when your iPhone has been powered off, it will still remain traceable via the network. According to 9to5Mac, it seems your iPhone will stay in a low-power state, acting like a tracking sensor similar to an AirTag. This will enable nearby iOS devices to pick up its Bluetooth signal and, hence, location.

For those who lose their iPhones, this could be good news, considering that you’ll still have a chance of locating your device even after its battery is drained. However, it seems the location tracking feature will remain active even if your iPhone is reset to factory settings.

In order to completely shut off ‘Find My’ tracking, you’ll have to manually disable the low-power mode in Settings when iOS 15 launches.

[via 9to5Mac, cover image via Apple]

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