Apple’s ‘Digital Legacy’ Lets Loved Ones Access Your Digital Life When You Die

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Apple is introducing the long-awaited ‘Digital Legacy’ feature, which will allow a family member or friend to access your data upon your demise.

Users will get to pick an administrator who will receive access to data such as pictures, contacts, and other things saved to iCloud.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because your saved credit card and password details won’t be revealed.

According to Cult of Mac, as of now, there is no function for a loved one to access the Apple account of a decedent without their Apple ID and password.

In fact, the tech giant has faced backlash in the past for refusing to unlock devices and accounts of people who’ve passed on or gone missing.

Now, with the release of iOS 15 later this fall, the ‘Digital Legacy’ function will be the answer to these issues.

With the new update, Apple will also be rolling out ‘Account Recovery Contacts’ for users. This feature will allow users to access their own Apple IDs if they forget their passwords, or are unable to log in.

For more information on iOS 15’s upcoming features and updates, read the full scoop here.

[via Cult of Mac, cover image via Girts Ragelis /]

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