Apple Wallet Aims To Fully Replace Your Real One By Holding Your Keys & IDs

Image via Apple

The Apple Wallet has become ubiquitous in iPhone users’ lives, especially with the convenience of Apple Pay.

Now, the tech giant is launching major updates that could further integrate the Apple Wallet into our daily lives.

One new feature is the ability to use your iPhone to unlock smart locks, such as the door to your home.

With the launch of iOS 15 in the fall, the new update will allow iPhone users to use their Apple Wallet to access all the smart locks they have access to, instead of relying on multiple third-party apps for each one.

Another major update is that Apple Wallet is allowing users to upload their driver’s license, along with other government-issued identification cards.

You won’t have to worry about not having the physical ID cards on you, as they will be stored on your iPhone. However, regulations will vary from state to state.

For those concerned about the security of storing identification cards and smart locks on their Apple Wallet, fret not. As per Digital Trends, all information will be encrypted with the Secure Element, which is the technology Apple uses to ensure credit card information saved to Apple Pay remains private.

Soon, you could just be leaving the house with an iPhone, no longer needing to tote around a bulky wallet.

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

[via Digital Trends, cover image via Apple]

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