Apple Users Lean Towards Bothered As Some M1 iMacs Arrive With Crooked Mountings

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There was a crooked Mac, and it walked a crooked mile.

Apple might have prided itself on solving some packaging issues by shipping iPhones in flatter boxes, but a new problem might have gone unnoticed by the tech giant. With the much larger, colorful M1 iMacs now added to its delivery process, some customers have noted that their stands are a little crooked, resulting in the displays appearing slanted as well.

As reported by MacRumors, there are a few complaints floating around about the mounting being slightly off-alignment. YouTuber iPhonedo also uploaded a video demonstrating his asymmetrical iMac with a ruler.

MacRumors adds that the mounts don’t seem to be fixable by users.

While some of the disparities are as marginal as 1mm, the difference can be especially jarring after staring at the screen for hours. Given Apple’s stance on aesthetic perfection, this design annoyance is going to ruffle the feathers of longtime users too.

So far, this issue seems to affect a small number of iMacs, but it’s something Apple will have to tackle promptly or it could face a slippery slope in the long term.

Some M1 iMac Models Shipping With Crooked Mountings by @julipuli

— (@MacRumors) June 14, 2021

[via MacRumors, cover image via Apple]

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