Apple Reportedly Warns That Leaks Could Cause Accessories To Be Designed Wrong

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With more and more leaks about the forthcoming iPhone 13 sneaking online, one tech giant is reportedly clamping down on what it would deem as bad apples. Apple is warning leakers in China that they could be doing more harm than good to third-party accessory makers by sharing unverified information about unreleasd products.

According to a cease and desist letter obtained by Motherboard, Apple’s attorneys in China allegedly asked a Chinese citizen to stop flaunting leaked iPhone prototypes on social media, as the specs might be incorrect or outdated.

Disseminating such details could mislead manufacturers into designing smartphone cases and other accessories that don’t fit right or “are not actually compatible with the unreleased products,” the letter warned. This means that if the company were to tweak the size or design of a product just by a smidge, the accessories would be rendered useless.

Moving on to the user’s side, Apple apparently argued that showing off unreleased designs would “harm the interests of consumers and Apple” as it takes away the element of surprise, which it said is part of the brand’s “DNA.” It elaborated that preserving secrecy adds to “actual and potential commercial value.”

iMore noted that the news follows a report from the day before regarding a cease and desist letter that Apple had sent to product leakers in China, demanding that they name their sources.

[via VICE and iMore, cover image via ID 159362158 © Ifeelstock |]

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