Apple Patents Tech That Lets You Slot iPhones Or iPads Into MacBooks

Image via Apple

It’s a running joke that Apple is isolating its users into solely using its products, and it seems like this could become a reality soon.

On Tuesday, the world’s most profitable brand was granted a patent called the ‘Electronic accessory device’ by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The gadget resembles a MacBook in design, but allows a user to implant an iOS device into various slots for laptop-smartphone-tablet integration. Just like a MacBook, the device has an aluminum shell and comes with a keyboard, but would require iOS instead of macOS to function.

Apple submitted two iterations of this device. The first depicts iPhone integration, and sees the trackpad area being cleared out to fit in the smartphone. The second shows an iPad acting as a touchscreen display for the notebook.

The iPhone or iPad would therefore serve both as a host and a touch interface to the ‘Electronic accessory device’.

It’s worth noting, however, that Apple frequently registers patents simply for legal leverage over competitors, so ‘iFranken’ could just be one for the books and nothing more.

Image via USPTO

Image via USPTO

[via Apple Insider, images via various sources]

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