Apple Might Venture Into Space To Power iPhone Networks: Report

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Could Apple be heading to space for new iPhone technology?

Satellites that enable connectivity in out-of-reach zones are being fawned over in tech right now, thanks in part to the prominence of SpaceX’s Starlink internet service. So, who’s next? According to a report by Quartz, Apple’s name is being thrown around in predictions for contenders in the space (satellite) race.

The speculation comes after satellite communications company shared in its quarterly earnings report that it is working with “a large, global customer” to deploy its services “in the US and beyond.”

As Quartz quotes, this mysterious partner invested over US$300 million to purchase 13 satellites from the firm, with another US$430 million paid out for a mere “assessment” of “a potential service utilizing certain of [Globalstar’s] assets and capacity.” Someone has to have really deep pockets to come up with this kind of money.

Rumors of Apple introducing satellite communications have been swirling for nearly a year now. Last August, reliable Bloomberg tech leaker Mark Gurman disclosed that future iPhones would support satellite communications for emergencies. Then, the iPhone 13 arrived, but this feature never came.


However, Globalstar’s latest announcement could renew confidence about satellite-enabled iPhones being in the works.

With satellite connectivity, users would be able to communicate in less accessible areas or during emergencies.

All told, other potential names for who this “large, global customer” may be include Nokia and Qualcomm, who have worked with Globalstar before.




[via Quartz and Globalstar, cover photo 140873108 © Razvan Nitoi |]

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