Anti-Food Waste Campaign Turns Agencies’ Leftovers Into Typographic Posters

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Video screenshot via FCB Interface Communications

For some, the motivation of going to work is driven by a pantry that’s stocked with goodies galore. Unfortunately, a lot of this food gets wasted, and even the advertising industry—which is expectedly equipped with the knowledge to care for the environment—is guilty of this.

Hoping to cut down on food waste across the board, the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) roped in creative and digital solutions agency FCB Interface Communications to produce a sobering set of posters in time for AdFest 2019’s ‘Young Lotus’ contest.

Instead of calling for entries, these posters highlight the amount of food wasted by leading advertising agencies.

What’s worth noting is that these graphics were created using actual food waste sneakily collected from the trash bins of these advertising firms. The visuals were then displayed within their vicinities.

“The difficult part was rummaging through the waste bins of all the leading advertising agencies, carting away the food in mini trucks, then creating the 14-feet-by-19-feet layouts with putrefying food, hanging from a crane to shoot the artwork, all the while shooing away the crows and dogs that were hell-bent on eating the poster,” describes Robby Mathew, CCO at FCB Interface.

According to branding news site Branding in Asia, one of the posters reads, “The ad is made from the food wasted by Ogilvy. Feeling Guilty? Send an idea to end food wastage.”

The campaign also spells out the names of leaders from these companies, who would have a hand in influencing young creatives to make more conscious choices.

Check out how the posters were created in the behind-the-scenes footage below.

Young guns from @FCBInterface tailored the theme for Adfest’s 2019’s Young Lotus contest.

— exchange4media group (@e4mtweets) February 11, 2019

[via Branding in Asia, video and cover image via FCB Interface Communications]

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