Albert Einstein Gets Reborn In CGI To Judge Your Tech Energy Usage

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Video screenshot via Smart meters

If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would be proud of how partial the world has become with technology and science. As for its energy usage—well, he’d probably stick his tongue out at that, bringing to mind one infamous photo.

Einstein is the unexpected star of a campaign by UK government-backed nonprofit Smart Energy GB and advertising agency AMV BBDO. Using CGI technology, the organization has brought him to the modern era to evaluate everyday innovations like the smartphone and smart lighting. While ‘Einstein’ is evidently impressed by how far technology has advanced, he frowns upon British consumers’ energy systems.

The scientist was reimagined digitally as consumer research data shared by Smart Energy GB shows that Einstein is thought to be the personification of “smart.”

Global visual effects firm The Mill was commissioned to create a photorealistic digital likeness of Einstein with the help of an actor. Adopting CGI and 4D volumetric performance capture techniques, the team added high-fidelity facial muscles to the Einstein model and brought the character to this era with elaborate hair, wrinkle, and eye details.

It seems like everyone today wants Einstein’s opinion, as just last month, he was digitally recreated into an AI avatar to answer questions about science and life.

[via LBBOnline, videos and cover image via Smart meters]

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