Airline Criticized For Serving Bottle Of Water As ‘Vegan Meal’

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One airline passenger was disappointed to find that her vegan inflight meal was unseasoned and watered-down—to the point that it was literally 100% H2O.

As Insider reports, travel writer Miriam Porter had been heading home from Frankfurt to Toronto aboard Air Canada, which promised two hot meals over the 10-hour flight. Porter says she pre-ordered vegan meals a month ahead, and that the airline acknowledged it.

Instead of a warm, comforting meal like everyone else was served, though, the traveler got a bottle of water. Though, to be fair, there are no animal byproducts in drinking water.

At least there were plants in her second “meal,” which was a napkin. Napkins are made from paper, and paper comes from trees, which are plants.



shout out to the kind flight attendant that got me fruit & dinner rolls from business class ❣️ #aircanada #vegan #plantbased #veganfortheanimals #airplanefood #aircanadafail #toronto #frankfurt #hungry #airplanemode #keepsmiling

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Insider details that the airline had confirmed Porter’s vegan meals three times prior to the flight. However, when the crew brought the bad news that the special option was not available, they apparently added that “this sort of thing happens.”

Luckily, there was a flight attendant who sympathized with the passenger on this long-haul trip and brought her fruit, dinner rolls, and a granola bar.

On Air Canada’s website, it notes that special requests for meals can only be guaranteed if customers place their orders at least 24 hours before the flight. The passenger, however, booked hers way in advance.




[via Boing Boing and Insider, cover photo 197631268 © Ukrainian photographer Chernetskaya |]

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