Adorable Concept Art Imagines ‘Deadpool’ & ‘Detective Pikachu’ As Hybrid Hero

Images via Detective Pikachu Movie and Fox Movies

Hollywood’s favorite anti-hero, Ryan Reynolds, is returning to the screens in the incarnation of… ‘Pikachu’.

To prove that the casting isn’t all that odd, Reynolds previously shared an infographic differentiating ‘Detective Pikachu’ from ‘Wade Wilson’.

If that graphic isn’t enough for you to detach Reynolds’ iconic voice from ‘Deadpool’, renowned concept artist Detective Pikachu Movie and BossLogic has imagined a hybrid character featuring the pudgy ‘Detective Pikachu’ in a ‘Deadpool’ suit.

The outfit is accompanied with a kickass belt featuring a ‘Pokéball’ in the center.

“No balls!” the artist jokes. Check out the humorous fan art below.

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NO BALLS! @vancityreynolds

A post shared by Bosslogic (@bosslogic) on Nov 21, 2018 at 7:12am PST

[via ComicBook, images via various sources]

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