Adobe Creative Cloud Now Runs Almost Twice As Fast On Apple’s M1 Macs

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

The month of June brings massive updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite—and with Illustrator, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and InDesign joining Photoshop as native software within Apple’s M1 computers, you might almost miss that rainbow wheel.

The Silicon M1 chip brings significant performance gains to Macs and MacBooks, and a new comprehensive study backs this up. Adobe shared with DesignTAXI that, in performance tests run by Pfeiffer Consulting between a new M1 MacBook Pro and an otherwise identical Intel-powered MacBook Pro of a similar price, Illustrator on the M1 MacBook Pro saw a 65% boost in performance. Meanwhile, InDesign users can expect a 59% improvement in performance with an M1 Mac, where the app now runs natively.

Pfeiffer Consulting said it conducted 774 individual benchmark tests consisting of a “wide range of time-consuming tasks” over “seven essential Creative Cloud apps,” namely Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Lightroom Classic.

Photoshop, which has been running natively on M1 Macs since March, apparently boasts 89% performance gains on the computer powered by the Apple-designed chip when compared to an identical Intel version. More specifically, Content-Aware Fill is 200% more productive in the newer model, while the Select Subject tool sees a 156% boost.

The firm found that, overall, the suite runs “over 80% faster using the Apple M1 system when compared to an identically configured Intel system” on average. That’s nearly twice as fast, and it’s mighty impressive. To see the full report, head here.

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Click to view enlarged version. Image by Pfeiffer Consulting, courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

[via Adobe Creative Cloud]

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