Tinder Debuts Adults-Only ‘SwipeMart’ Store To Match You With The Perfect Snack

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Image via Tinder Japan

Tired of looking for love online? Tinder may have a real-life solution for you. Taking shape after Japan’s famous convenience stores (or “konbini”), the dating site’s latest marketing project sees itself selling corner mart-inspired merch to app users. 
The aptly named ‘SwipeMart’ is located on Center Street in Shibuya, just a few minutes from the famous Shibuya Crossing. You can pick up snacks like Super Like chips, Boost ramen cups, and even Tinder’s version of the famous Family Mart fried chicken FamiChiki, Tinder Chiki. 


Image via Tinder Japan



Also available are matchy underwear.


Image via Tinder Japan



Instead of a grab-and-go, since this isn’t your basic run-of-the-mill konbini, a photo booth was set up where you could take pictures for your profile. Then, if you didn’t like the image taken, you could swipe right to start over.


Image via Tinder Japan



Love and fried chicken were not the only things Tinder offered at its store. In fact, there were free live performances from Japanese acts such as Elle Terese, CYK, Vick, and Shimamo to heat things up. 


Unfortunately, the pop-up event ended before Japan could fully reopen its borders. Fingers crossed that the store will return someday for more to bag home some love(-inspired) snacks. 


[via Hypebeast and Time Out, cover image via Tinder Japan]


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