Hendrick’s Infuses Bus Stops With Gin Smells, Sans The Day-Drinking

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Image via Spaces

In major UK cities such as Manchester, London, Brighton, and Cardiff, flora-encased bus stops have seemingly sprung up overnight, and curious passersby who go for a closer look are hit with a whiff of… Roses? And cucumbers?

This is part of the promotion for Hendrick’s new Gin Cucumber Lemonade, a product scheduled for a cool, refreshing summer. Commuters wait for buses under an upside-down bed of roses, while the infused scent wafts peacefully by.

Image via Spaces

“Escape the conventional,” writes the posters, adorning the bus stops and citywide ad spaces. This installation is accompanied by a video including fantasy spaces of a world that exists solely for Hendrick’s Gin, a concept reminiscent of the magic of Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and encased behind a six-sheet panel, there’s also a giant 3D recreation of a Hendrick’s bottle in each takeover, which continuously and miraculously pours real liquid into a glass of Gin Cucumber Lemonade with zero spillage, as one does.

Titled Portals to the Peculiar, the short film includes scenes from the fantasy settings of ‘Lesley’s Launderette’, the ‘Automated Transport to the Marvelous’ (ATM), and ‘The Not-so-normal Newsstand’, all set within a Victorian-brand world.

“Portals to the Peculiar was an invitation to the curious to depart the daily grind of their routine and venture into an aquarium in the sky,” explains Spaces, the advertising agency that worked with Hendrick’s on this campaign.

“Having escaped the mundane and experienced delightful moments of peculiarity, our curious gin drinkers left with a greater appreciation of the delectable taste of Hendrick’s.”

This isn’t the brand’s first foray into fantasy: in 2019, it also worked with Posterscope on a London Underground tunnel wrap that also smelled like roses and cucumber.

Take the mundane. Transform the experience. Make it unforgettable. ⁰

For the UK’s #1 Premium Gin, normality is not a mixer. Across 5 cities sit Victorian surrealism-themed bus shelters to transport commuters from the conventional, into the delectable world of @HendricksGin.🍸 pic.twitter.com/pY2TdWegrn

— space (@agencyspace) July 23, 2021

[via Fast Company, images via Spaces] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415021/Hendrick-s-Infuses-Bus-Stops-With-Gin-Smells-Sans-The-Day-Drinking/

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