Duolingo Opens ‘Adoption Center’ For Users To Be Part Of Others’ Family Plans

Image via Duolingo Adoption Center


Signing up for a family plan often sounds like a good idea—everyone gets to enjoy, and it usually packs a cheap bargain. But what happens when you don’t have enough family members to fill in all of the plan’s slots?


That’s where Duolingo’s ‘Adoption Center’ comes in, with the language learning application now encouraging users to join spare slots in others’ family plans and join in on the fun. 


On the family plan, customers can enjoy the site’s premium subscription option, which includes an ad-free experience, unlimited hearts, and a monthly Streak Repair. Plus, the company has found that users complete twice as many lessons when they’re part of a group.


To broadcast this initiative, Duolingo has teamed up with creative agency Mischief at No Fixed Address to put up billboards across Manhattan, New York City, advertising these adoption centers, with QR codes directing passers-by to the official website. 


Looking for a family to adopt you into their plan? Simply visit the site, create a personal flyer for yourself, and post it on social media under #DuolingoAdoptionCenter, where those with spare slots will browse through applicants to share their invite link. 

As Duolingo puts it: “learning together takes you further!”


Learners complete 2x more lessons per day after joining a Duolingo Family Plan.

Yet, not all Family Plans have all 6 spots filled.

The #DuolingoAdoptionCenter is here to fix that. Learn more when you learn together. 🤝

— Duolingo (@duolingo) September 20, 2022




[via Harro and Duolingo Adoption Center, cover image via Duolingo Adoption Cover]


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