Corona Creates ‘Natural’ Billboard That Only Comes Complete With The Sun’s Help

Video screenshot via Sketch Events


Corona has found an unexpected collaborator in the sun, no less, to carry out a new advertising campaign. As the hot star is a gift from Mother Nature, the beer company has found some, erm, shining qualities that make it the perfect companion for its 100% Natural activation. 

The creative starts out with a simple beer bottle label plastered on a wall that is splashed in Corona’s yellow. As the hours pass, however, onlookers will start to notice a picture being painted by shadows of the nearby foliage.

By golden hour—between 6:30pm to 6:45pm—passersby will see the full billboard, which declares that Corona beer is “made from the natural world” thanks to its natural ingredients.


Video screenshot via Sketch Events


The advertisement is on display at a beach in Brighton, which has been named the most eco-friendly city in the UK.


Sketch Events, the PR stunt agency behind the billboard, says it took “months of research, sun trajectory calculations, location scouting, and mechanic testing” to make this deceptively simple billboard a reality. Advertising great Wieden+Kennedy London spearheaded the campaign.







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[via The Drum and The Inspiration, video and images via Sketch Events]

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