Capri Sun Says Your Kids Will Never Know There’s Less Sugar In Spoof Romance Ad

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Video screenshot via Capri Sun


What does a packet of Capri Sun have in common with the lead of a 90s romance novella? Not much, we’d have thought, but the brand’s latest advertisement proves otherwise. 


Spoofing on the muscular, long-haired men often seen gracing the covers of such books, the beverage company is tapping on Juicio—yes, that’s his name—to tell a tale that has less sugar but is “still as juicy.” 


The spot, created in collaboration with advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, features the ab-baring hunk act out scenes from a three-minute mini-book narrated by Cissy Jones. It begins with a young mother in fitful sleep, dreaming of the man of her dreams whispering … “less sugar.” 


Capri Sun is using the old-timey romance tale to convey that it has lowered sugar levels across its drinks by an average of 40% but promising the same sweet taste. Hence the tagline “your kids will never know” at the end of the commercial is meant to be a “hidden message” to parents watching. 


Samantha Mills, Associate Director at Capri Sun distributor Kraft Heinz, told Muse By Clio the idea of re-enacting a steamy romance novel hoped to appeal to parents “in a clever and entertaining manner.” 


Plus, anticipating that kids would blush and turn away from the television when the advertisement comes on, parents would then be able to receive the secret message—that the drinks are now sweetened with natural monk fruit—without the children being the wiser. 


Check out the 30-second video below.





[via Muse By Clio and Capri Sun, cover image via Capri Sun]

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