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The MA Group (M.A.G) is a Group of Business in Wales that offer a number of Business Services. The Business originated in 2012 when the first Company in the Group MA Consultancy (M.A.C) was born. MA Consultancy, run by founder and owner Mike Armstrong concentrated on Sales & Marketing Consultancy and Digital Marketing Consultancy which included Blogging Consultancy, Web Design Consultancy and Social Media Consultancy.

However due to demand, as well as providing consultancy we also provided sales and marketing training and sales and marketing services which included Digital Marketing Services and Web Design Services and our Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency was formed, MA Web (M.A.W).

At the same time, in order to provide a platform for advertising and marketing their customer they built and grew a large blogging platform and network which shared lots of Business and Sports News, lead to the formation of MA News (M.A.N) and MAN MEDIA.

After then developing a Training Company and Diversifying in to Property Services both MA Training (M.A.T) and MA Property (M.A.P) were both formed to complete the MA Group of Business Services:


About MA Consultancy (M.A.C):

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MA Consultancy is the original business in the Group and it was started in the summer of 2012. MA Consultancy, run by founder and owner Mike Armstrong provides Sales & Marketing Consultancy and Digital Marketing Consultancy which includes Blogging Consultancy, Web Design Consultancy and Social Media Consultancy, as well as Business Protection and Property Consultancy.


About MA News (M.A.N) and MAN Media:



MA News (MAN) and MAN Media was formed by MA Consultancy and the MA Group to concentrate on their Social Media and Business & Sports News Blogging platform for providing businesses with low cost and targeted advertising and marketing opportunities.

For more about MA News and MAN Media please follow the link.

About MA Web (M.A.W) which includes Digital Marketing Agency Wales, Websites Wales and 333 Websites:

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After starting a low cost web design agency, 333 Websites in 2015, and after turning MA Consultancy in to both a Digital Marketing Agency and a Sales & Marketing Consultancy it was only natural to form MA Web to oversee both of the Website parts of the Business (Web Design & Development and Web Marketing).

For more about MA Web see: Website Design Agency Wales | Website Design Wales as well as Digital Marketing Agency Wales & 333 Websites.


About MA Training (M.A.T)

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After providing lots of Web Design Training, Web Marketing Training, Blogging Training and Social Media Training under the MA Consultancy brand the MA Group have decided to add Sales Training to their offering and form the MA Training brand.

MA Group Founder and Owner Mike Armstrong has been providing Sales Training for over 23 years and this Training includes; Tele-sale Training, Field Sales Training, Networking Event and Expo Sales Training, Web / E-commerce Sales Training, E-bay Sales Training and Solutions Sales Training.

For more about MA Training see: MA Training.


About MA Property (M.A.P):

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In 2017 the MA Group diversified in to Property Services including Property Maintenance Services, Property Consultancy, Business Property Maintenance Services and Property Consultancy including Painting & Decorating Solutions, Handyman Work, Gardening and Landscape Solution, Disability Access Hand Rail Solutions and Flooring Solutions including Home and Commercial Flooring Solutions and 3D Resin Flooring Solutions.

For more about MA Property see: MA Property.


For more about the MA Group please visit the MAG Website.