Twitter Marketing Tip 1

Please find a Twitter marketing tip to get you standing out from the competition: 

Create a Lead Generation Card or Lead Generation Cards! 

Every tool reducing the number of steps in capturing a lead should be explored, and while links that get people to your site or landing page are great, why not get people subscribing to your mailing list with one click in Twitter? 

These lead generation Twitter cards will allow you to capture an email address and the Twitter account attached to it. If you like, you could use an offer to entice people to sign up.

Other users of Twitter cards have found that open rates and click through rates on their email Newsletters are much higher on their Twitter leads, than other recipients of their newsletter.

Lead generation cards are easy to set up, and encourage visuals to attract your audience’ attention. 

They could be used for promoted Tweets, or even pinned to the top of your feed to capture visitors to your profile. 

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