Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp Reportedly Eye Expanded Encryption

Apple may soon have reinforcements in its battle against the FBI. A number of top tech companies are exploring the addition of boosted security measures in their messaging applications, the Guardian reports, citing unnamed sources. Among them are Google goog , Facebook fb , Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily tech newsletter Each…

How to send a document over WhatsApp

WhatsApp now lets you share documents too (Pictures: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)If you’re one of the one billion WhatsApp users worldwide, you may have noticed a change to the service recently. Now, as well as being able to share pictures and videos with friends, you will also be able to send… Read the full story

WhatsApp to be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia phones

WhatsApp said it wanted to focus its efforts on more popular operating systems (Picture: Getty)WhatsApp will be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia operating systems by 2017, the company said. Earlier this week, the messaging app hit one billion active users, double the number it had before its… Read the full story


Facebook Reportedly Plans to Let Businesses Send Ads in Messenger

Facebook’s monetization strategy for its chat app Messenger could lie in advertising–like the rest of its business. The social media giant is reportedly planning to start slipping ads in messages between users and businesses in Q2 2016, according to documents obtained by TechCrunch. According to the documents, businesses will only be able to send ads…