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Have you listened yet, to our Welsh Business Podcast with Motivation and Business Coaching Episodes and Entrepreneur Chats…

Welcome to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast page on the Mike Armstrong Website.

The Mike Armstrong Podcast aka Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast is a Business Podcast / Entrepreneur Podcast / Positivity Podcast for People Interested in Business Growth #Infinityx, Sales & Marketing, Networking, Sales Training, Motivation, Positivity and so much more.

The Mike Armstrong podcast has regular features such as;

Mikes Likes – What Mike Likes #MikesLikes
MikesMoans – What Mike Dislikes / What’s Wrong With Armstrong #MikesMoans #WhatsWrongWithArmstrong / #WWWA
WOLF of WALES – A Sales Training Feature – #WOLFofWALES #WOW #WOWPodcast
Welsh Dragon’s Den – A Business Startup & Investment Section
The Voice of Social Media – Social Media News & Advice #TheVoiceofSocialMedia
King of Marketing – Marketing News & Advice – #KingofMarketing
Networker2018 – Networking News & Advice – #Networker2018
As well as Morning Motivation & Daily Motivation #MorningMotivation / #DailyMotivation & Positivity / Positive Vibes & Positive Mindset #Positivity #PositiveVibes #PositiveMindset

#BusinessNetworking, #BusinessNews & #BusinessAdvice for #Entrepreneurs / #EntrepreneurZone !

Who’s the Podcast for?

The Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast is great for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and People new in Sales, Looking to Join Sales or Looking to Improve Their Sales Abilities and Performance as wel as Entrepreneurs, Infinityx’ers and those in need of a lift!

If you are looking for Mike Armstrong’s Podcast or the Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast please take a look at the following links.

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast On Anchor FM
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Anchor FM – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast On Google
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Google Podcasts – https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMTMxMzU2MC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw==

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast on Spotify
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/7nbSXkHuGZC0T5DpqDCJhx

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast On Breaker
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Breaker – https://www.breaker.audio/mike-armstrongs-weekly-podcast

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast On Overcast
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Overcast – https://overcast.fm/itunes1493024564/mike-armstrong-s-weekly-podcast

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast On
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Pocket Casts – https://pca.st/wspp8ad6

Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do it Podcasts on Radio Public
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Podcast On Radio Public – https://radiopublic.com/mike-armstrongs-weekly-podcast-6B0kQQ

Mikes Moans – What’s Wrong With Armstrong?
Link to the first MikesMoans feature – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Mikes-Moan-about-Negative-Press–Media-via-regular-feat–whats-wrong-with-Armstrong-ed0tiq #WhatsWrongWithArmstrong

Morning Motivation & Welsh Business News From Mike Armstrong’s Podcast
Link to a Morning Motivation podcast and some Welsh Business News – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Motivation–WelshBizNews-From-Mike-Armstrong-about-upcoming-Introbiz-NetworkingMasterclass-Events-ed1tha

The Introbiz Network
Testimonial for the Introbiz Network – Wales’ Biggest Business Network and Business Expo With Global Online Networking Events & Global EntrepreneurMasterclasses!

The Outstanding Network
Testimonial for The Outstanding Network – A Group offering Business Support & Networking – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Business-Networking–Support-via-The-Outstanding-Network-run-by-Irish-Entrepreneur-Pat-Slattery-ed2jiq

Sales Training from the WOLF of WALES 🐺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #WOLFofWales #WOW #WOWPodcast
Link to the first WOLF of WALES feature episode – Sales Training On to get around or work with the gate / receptionist – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Introduction-to-another-regular-feat–on-the-Mike-Armstrong-Podcast-called-the-WOLF-of-WALES–WOW-ed2mer

Link to the second WOLF of WALES feature episode – Sales Training On “Why to stop selling to become a better sales person! 🤯 – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Another-WOLF-of-WALES—Episode-on-Why-to-stop-selling-in-order-to-become-great-at-Sales-ed2vh5

Business Investing From The Welsh Dragon’s Den
Link to regular feature Welsh Dragon’s Den On The Mike Armstrong Podcast – https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/Introduction-to-Regular-feature-Welsh-Dragons-Den-On-the-Mike-Armstrongs-Podcast-ed3f7c

Mike Armstrong Interview on the Introbiz Members Podcast
Link to Mike Armstrong’s Interview on the Introbiz Members Podcast! – https://anchor.fm/tracey–smolinski/episodes/Introbiz-member-Mike-Armstrong-from-MA-Consultancy-talking-all-things-marketing-and-growth-ecpfg8
— Read on mikearmstrong.me/mike-armstrongs-podcast-you-can-do-it/


Business and Sports News from Mike Armstrong – See http://mikearmstrong.me

#MorningMotivation – Great advice on dealing with a crisis – #LeadershipAdvice for #Entrepreneurs from #BrianTracy

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: #MorningMotivation – Crisis Management Advice from Brian Tracy #BrianTracy by #MikeArmstrong 💪🙌😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🌍 https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9/episodes/MorningMotivation—Crisis-Management-Advice-from-Brian-Tracy-BrianTracy-by-MikeArmstrong-eft490

#MorningMotivation – Crisis Management Advice from Brian Tracy #BrianTracy by #MikeArmstrong 💪🙌😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🌍 – Another Morning Motivation Episode – The Importance of keeping calm in a crisis and seeing the problems as a challenge or an opportunity rather than an issue. Psychological Advice 🤯. #MikeArmstrong #YouCanDoIt #PositivityPodcast #Motivation #MotivationalPodcast #Entrepreneurship #PersonalDevelopmentPodcast #SalesPodcast #MarketingPodcast 😎 #Sales #Marketing #PersonalDevelopment #WOLFofWALES #WOW 🐺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿#WOWPodcast #SalesTraining #LifeCoaching #BusinessTraining from #MikeArmstrong Teaching people how to achieve their goals and dreams via various motivation, education and personal development teachings! #MikeArmstrongSalesTraining #MikeArmstronarketingTraining #MikeArmstrongBusinessTraining #MikeArmstrongEntrepreneurTraining #MikeArmstrongTraining #MATraining on his #YouCanDoItPodcast – #MikeArmstrongPodcast / #MikeArmstrongPodcasts – Rapid Business Growth, Personal Development and Sales & Marketing Training & Advice From #MikeArmstrong on the #YouCanDoItPodcast #YCDI #YCDIPodcast featuring the #Awesome Mike Armstrong #AwesomeArmstrong – #Motivation #Motivated #Motivational #MotivationalPodcast – #10x #20x #Infinityx  #BusinessGrowth #RapidBusinessGrowth #PersonalGrowth #PersonalDevelopment 🚀😎 – #MikeArmstrongYouCanDoItPodcast – More About Mike;  Mike is “The Awesome Mike Armstrong” – A #Philanthropic #Entrepreneur who loves to help people. He’s also an Author, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Blogger, Vlogger & Podcaster who lives to help people especially; Struggling Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who need a lift and those suffering with Mental Health issues #MentalHealth #MentalWellbeing #MentalHealthSupport. Mike has spent years cultivating an awesome global network, and is currently building an #AwesomeArmy of similarly minded #Philanthropist #Entrepreneurs and is happy to share the contacts and the love with those who are deserving. If that’s you please get in touch with Mike. Mike Armstrong of Mike Armstrong Ltd | MA Group | MA Consultancy | MA Web | MA Training | Marketing Wales / WelshBiz | Tourism Wales | Things To Do In | MA News | MAN Media | MA Property | Mike Armstrong News & Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast.

Mike’s areas of Interest and Expertise include Welsh Business News & Events, UK Business News & Events, Global Business News & Events, Business Advice & Personal Development, Rapid Business Growth, Happiness, Success, Goal Achieving, Knowledge Sharing, Elite Performance, as well as Sales & Marketing Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Services inc. Sales & Marketing Strategy & Services, Social Media Strategy & Services, SEO Strategy & Services, Content Marketing Strategy & Services, Ecommerce Strategy & Services, Business Growth Strategy & Services and Property Maintenance, Property Management and Property Development Joint Ventures (JV’s) – All aimed at Biz Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Startups, Networkers, Global Networks and people in need of help, support, love and a pick me up etc.

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Business and Sports News from Mike Armstrong – See http://mikearmstrong.me