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Royal Mint changed Tac and making Covid-19 Visors for NHS – Positive Coronavirus News #PositiveCoronavirusNews

Credit: Royal MintThe Royal Mint has begun mass manufacturing medical visors to protect frontline NHS staff from coronavirus.

Based in Llantrisant, engineers at The Royal Mint developed a medically approved visor design which they can produce thousands of each day. 

The first batch of visors are already in use at The Royal Glamorgan Hospital in south Wales. 

Health care workers have expressed concern over the amount of PPEavailable to them, despite Welsh Government reassurance that there is enough to go around. 

The Royal Mint, usually known for making money and coins, are turning their focus to helping protect people against COVID-19 by making valuable personal protective equipment (PPE).

Engineers at the site found a basic design for medical visors online. They then adapted and developed their own prototype, which was approved for medical use within 48 hours.

The design will also soon be released online, enabling other companies to manufacture even more.

The Royal Mint say they can produce thousands of masks every day, subject to getting enough of the raw components.

The masks are made with a type of 1mm clear plastic which is currently in low supply. They are appealing to manufacturers across the UK to help them source the material that forms the potentially life-saving protective equipment.

The first batch of visors manufactured by The Royal Mint are already in use at The Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board will receive the visors initially, with some already in use at The Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

The CEO of Cwm Tag Morgannwg University Health Board thanked The Royal Mint for their support.

We are incredibly grateful to the Royal Mint for this work. This equipment will be vitally important for our frontline staff to protect themselves and others as they work to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The generosity of organisations such as The Royal Mint as well as our communities has been humbling and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support for our staff and the NHS.


Leighton John, Director of Operations for The Royal Mint said: “My sister works for the NHS and it really focuses your mind on the challenges they are facing, and the opportunity we have to support them.

“On Wednesday at 9am we knew nothing about medical visors, but we set our engineers the task of developing essential medical equipment which could be easily made on site – within seven hours they’d created a medical visor, and within 48 hours it was approved for mass manufacture. We’ll shortly post the specifications on our website to enable other firms to make them too.

“We are now developing the production line, and urgently calling for help to source 1.0mm PET clear plastic which is in low supply across the UK. We believe firms will have this in stock, and we’d urge them to get in touch with us so we can continue to support our NHS.”

Visors, masks, aprons and gloves are all valuable items of PPE used to prevent frontline workers from contracting coronavirus. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Some health care workers are worried about access to protective equipment like masks. One GP based in Bangor told ITV Cymru Wales that she and her colleagues feel “forced to make decisions” based on the “availability of PPE” and not based on “clinical judgement”.

On Wednesday 25, the Welsh Government announced that they would be making more PPE available to health and social care staff.


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Another Great Online Business Networking Event with The Outstanding Network this morning!

This morning I attended another fantastic online Business Networking & Business Support Group Event with Pat Slattery @slatteryp and The Outstanding Network.

You can join the Outstanding Network Group on Facebook and click the daily Zoom link to join the 11am, daily online networking and business support group event!

Today we had the pleasure of hearing from Dave Browne from the Black Donnelley’s – A Dublin Band who are currently based in Las Vegas, USA who are two times Guinness World Record Holders, one of which was gigging 60 Times Across 50 States in 40 Days and a Documentary Movie of this achievement is available to watch on Amazon Prime and many other platforms – see link to download.

This sounds like a great watch. especially for those who are Irish or Love Irish Music and Culture.

The Outstanding Network, Online Business Networking and Support Group Event is at 11am everyday and some other upcoming online Introbiz Networking Events can be found via the link.

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Morning Motivation – Positive Coronavirus News #PositiveCoronavirusNews

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Police ask train passengers why they travel as the coronoavirus blockade continues

The police will stop the passengers on the train to question them about their movements as the coronavirus blockade continues, with everyone urged to…

Police ask train passengers why they travel as the coronoavirus blockade continues

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Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to seek rescue in the coming days

Copyright of the imageGetty Images Caption of the image Virgin Airlines has seen passenger numbers drop as countries close borders and enact travel …

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to seek rescue in the coming days

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Brexit: EU-UK meeting to continue via video link

Copyright of the imagePA Media Caption of the image Michael Gove will not meet EU officials face to face for a whileA post-Brexit meeting between the…

Brexit: EU-UK meeting to continue via video link

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7 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

1. Self-Motivation

One of the most important traits of entrepreneurs is self-motivation. When you want to succeed, you need to be able to push yourself. You aren’t answerable to anyone else as an entrepreneur, and that sometimes means that it’s hard to get moving without anyone to make you. You need to be dedicated to your plan and keep moving forward — even if you aren’t receiving an immediate paycheck.

2. Understand What You Offer

As an entrepreneur, you need to know what you offer, and how it fits into the market. Whether it’s a product or a service, you need to know where you fit in. That means you need to know when it’s time to tweak things a little bit. This also includes knowing whether you are high end, middle of the road or bargain. Being able to position yourself and then adjust as needed is an important part of entrepreneurship.

3. Take Risks

Successful entrepreneurs know that sometimes it’s important to take risks. Playing it safe almost never leads to success as a business owner. It’s not about taking just any risk, though. Understanding calculated risks that are more likely to pay off is an important part of being an entrepreneur. You’ll need to be willing to take a few risks to succeed.

4. Know How to Network

Knowing how to network is an important part of entrepreneurship. Sometimes who you know is an important part of success. Being able to connect with others and recognize partnership opportunities can take you a long way as a business owner. Figure out where to go for networking opportunities and make it a point to learn how to be effective.

5. Basic Money Management Skills and Knowledge

We often think of successful entrepreneurs as “big picture” people who don’t worry so much about managing the day to day. And it’s true that you might have an accountant or other team members to help you manage the business. However, if you want to be successful, you should still have basic money management skills and knowledge. Understand how money works so that you know where you stand, and so that you run your business on sound principles.

6. Flexibility

To a certain degree, you need to be flexible as an entrepreneur. Be willing to change as needed. Stay on top of your industry and be ready to adopt changes in processes and product as they are needed. Sometimes, you also need flexibility in your thinking. This is an essential part of problem-solving. You want to be able find unique and effective solutions to issues.

7. Passion

Finally, successful entrepreneurs are passionate. They feel deeply about their product or service or mission. Passion is what will help you find motivation when you are discouraged and it will drive your forward. Passion is fuel for successful entrepreneurship. If you find yourself losing your passion, that might be the clue that it’s time to move on to something else (that stokes your passion). There are many serial entrepreneurs that create successful businesses, sell them, and then create something else.

As you consider your characteristics, think about how to better develop them to help you become a better entrepreneur.

This was taken from a due.com blog post – see https://due.com/blog/7-characteristics-of-successful-entrepreneurs/ for more info and other news!

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Had a great time Online Business Networking over the past three day…

It’s been an incredible 3 days of Online Business Networking for me with 4 Events in 3 days.

First on Wednesday evening was the #Introbiz @Introbiz Cardiff, South Wales & Global #OnlineNetworking #Masterclass Events with Sharon Lechter @sharonlechter

Then it was the Thursday morning’s online Business Networking & Masterclass event with Introbiz Swansea & West Wales @IntrobizW and Marianne Pettifor @MariannePettif4

Friday morning then saw two online Business Networking Events:

The first being another Introbiz Event, this time Featuring former Apprentice finalist, Jess Cunningham @TheProdigalFox

This was followed by an online Business Networking Event with Pat Slattery @slatteryp and his Outstanding Network.

The Outstanding Networking Event is at 11am everyday and the list of upcoming Introbiz Networking Events Online is available via the link.

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All the latest UK & Global Coronavirus News from the BBC


It was an emotional moment for those who took part – not least the NHS staff and care workers being saluted by the nation. The Royal Family and prime minister joined well-wishers who flocked to front doorsteps, balconies and windows on Thursday evening night to applaud those dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. It came after figures revealed the UK death toll rose from 475 to 578 in one day, with 11,658 confirmed cases.

There will be additional support for the NHS from firefighters, who have agreed to drive ambulances and deliver essential supplies if required. However, unions point out many are off-work in self-isolation. And, with NHS leaders saying staff feel “at risk” of contracting the virus unless they wear protective equipment while dealing with all patients, the BBC is told guidance is expected to be updated within two days. 

Normal life continues to be seriously affected. As vulnerable people continue to report problems getting groceries while in isolation, supermarkets are to use a government database of the 1.5 million people deemed most at risk to help prioritise delivery slots. Sharon Cranfield, from Surrey, tells us she’s reliant on deliveries because her daughter Jessica, 19, has cystic fibrosis, adding: “I’m terrified of going to the shops.” There are signs, too, the housing market is grinding to a halt, with transactions agreed before the lockdown falling through.

We dig into the detail of the government’s latest financial support package to find out what help is available to self-employed people. Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government’s response to coronavirus proves he was “absolutely right” during December’s election campaign that public spending could be increased .


The US now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country, with more than 85,500 positive tests – overtaking both China and Italy. However, the US death toll remains much lower, at less than 1,300. Some 8,215 people have died in Italy. President Donald Trump predicts the US will get back to work “pretty quickly”, calling the figures “a tribute to the amount of testing that we’re doing”. 

Back in China, where the outbreak began, the government is temporarily banning all foreign visitors to prevent a further rise in the number of imported cases. Meanwhile, South Africa has begun a three-week lockdown. And while recent numbers from Italy’s worst-hit northern region suggest the epidemic might be slowing there, fresh fearshave arisen for poorer communities in the south.

Meanwhile, doctors, aid workers and the United Nations say camps for the displaced in north-western Syriacould be devastated by an outbreak. Follow all the latest global developments via our live page.



EU leaders meeting on Thursday – by socially-distant video conference – glaringly failed to agree to share the debt they are all racking up fighting Covid-19. From her flat in Berlin, where she is self-isolating after her doctor tested positive for the virus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel openly admitted to the disharmony over financial instruments.

What leaders did agree on was asking Eurogroup finance ministers to explore the subject further, reporting back in two weeks‘ time. The EU is famous for kicking difficult decisions down the road but in coronavirus terms, with spiralling infection and death rates, two weeks feels like an eternity.

Katya Adler

BBC Europe editor


The Coronavirus Newscast team is joined by Sean Farrington, from Radio 5 live’s Wake Up To Money, to help unpack the government’s new measures to support the self-employed. And musician Charli XCX offers some tips on keeping fit, staying creative and painting rocks in self-isolation. Meanwhile, the World Service’s Science in Actionexamines why China’s strong social distancing policies seem to have been successful in stopping the spread of the virus .


Some front pages use photographs of staff at the Royal Liverpool Hospital taking in the nation’s gratitude for the work of the NHS during the applause that rang around the UK. Others feature the members of the public – and young royals Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – saluting the medical staff and carers. “Checkpoint Britain” is the main headline for both the Daily Express and the Metro, as they report police measures to enforce social distancing. The Daily Star describes those driving without good reason as “Checkpoint Charlies”. The effects of the virus on the property market is the big story for the Daily Mail, under the headline: “Don’t move home.” The housing market was “plunged into chaos” after the government called on people to delay moving home, the Times reports. Meanwhile, the Sun looks at the UK’s latest virus statistics to declare: “One Brit dies every 13 minutes.”



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Welsh Business News / WelshBiz – Welsh Businesses to get Coronavirus Support from Welsh Government

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Welsh Business News / WelshBiz – Technology Sector in Wales’ Image Problem – Tech News

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Virtual Credit Forum with Forums International – Credit Industry News For Credit Professionals…

Calling all Credit Professionals – come along to your first Virtual Forum for FREE and see how Forums International can help & support your career.

Credit Professionals Forums – 7th April 2020
SAP Users Group – 8th April 2020
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Ma Consultancy Michael Armstrong

FREE SUPPORT for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs or Home Workers…

Whilst the current climate is happening I am looking to offer FREE SUPPORT for people who are self isolating or struggling in Business!

Hi Fellow Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Home Workers or Self Isolator – I offer Business Growth, Business Optimisation and Sales & Marketing Strategy & Services to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and I also used to be a corporate sales manager/director and am used to motivating and supporting a team.

During these tough times I want to support as many of my contacts, LinkedIn connections and wider business community colleagues with any Help, Advice, Ideas, Support, Motivation or Problem Solving needs that they might have during these tough Self Isolation / Coronavirus Times…

If you need any help or support or you simply just want a chat or some motivation during these tough times please feel free to contact me on 07960 872549.



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Morning Motivation – #MikeArmstrongQuotes

F*** Coronavirus and still work on your Goals!

What are you going to do today to help you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

If your stuck at home self isolating then here’s some tips that can always help you to get better and work towards successfully achieving your goals!

Upskill – Do Online Courses or watch some YouTube videos and learn some new skills.

Educate yourself – Read Some Books or listen to some audio from others who have already achieved the goals that you are trying to achieve and get some advice!

Exercise – What ever goals your trying to achieve, being fit can help!

Work on Your Personal Branding – Create Assets, Content, Marketing Collateral etc. To help promote yourself better and further on the Internet.

If in business Work on Your Business Branding – Create Assets, Content, Marketing Collateral etc. To help promote yourself and your business better and further on the Internet.

Make Contact – Use LinkedIn, Other Socials, Webinars and the Phone and call people, build relationships, negotiate deals, with people who can help you to reach your goals.

If you are interesting in Personal & Business Development please see our Business Advice Section of our Blog.

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Latest News on EU Funds In Wales


In response to the UK Government and Public Health Wales (PHW) advice on the coronavirus (COVID 19), please see guidance for project managers delivering EU-funded projects in these challenging times.

Please keep checking the website for the latest information.

Chwarae Teg

Chwarae Teg secures £6m EU funds

The funding will extend the organisation’s career development programme to 2023, supporting women in Wales to progress their careers, and assisting businesses to implement equality strategies and modern working practices.

Red logo

Your views wanted on the future of Regional Investment in Wales

The Welsh Government has launched a 12-week consultation on future regional investment in Wales outside of the EU. The closing date is 22 May 2020.

The consultation covers a set of proposals for investing replacement funding from the UK Government to deliver inclusive growth across all parts of Wales, building on the evidence of what has worked well and lesson learned during 20 years of EU regional policy.

Developed with stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors, we are consulting on proposals that set out four priority investment areas (business productivity and competitiveness, reducing income inequalities for people, healthier and more sustainable communities and the zero-carbon economy) and decentralises funding and decision-making closer to the people they aim to benefit.

UK Parliament logo

UK Parliament Inquiry on Wales and the Shared Prosperity Fund

The UK Parliament’s Welsh Affairs Committee is responsible for scrutinising the expenditure, administration and policies of the Wales Office, and the policies of the UK Government as whole that have an impact in Wales. The Committee has launched an inquiry into the UK Government’s proposed UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The deadline for submitting views and evidence is Tuesday 21 April 2020.

EU Funds logo

Europe Day 2020

Following recent queries, please note that WEFO will not be developing a centrally-led social media or communications campaign to promote EU-funded projects on Europe Day.  

However, as the UK is still participating in the current EU Structural Funds Programme it is a matter for organisations in receipt of EU funds to decide whether they wish to promote their projects in marking Europe Day this year.

Any publicity should follow WEFO’s information and publicity guidance and should aim to focus on the difference that funding and projects are making to people, businesses and communities in Wales.

Please also remember to use the hashtag #EUfundscymru when posting tweets, photos and testimonials.

In previous years, organisations have been encouraged to fly the EU flag to celebrate Europe Day. We would like to emphasise that there is no obligation to do this, and it is a matter entirely for your organisation.

If you have any queries, please contact WEFO Communications on 

Maesteg Town Hall

Work begins on Maesteg Town Hall

Construction work started this month on the £8.2m repair, restoration and extension of Maesteg Town Hall, which is being supported with £2m of EU funds.

Visit WEFO online


The latest news, guidance, publications and events from the European Structural and Investment Funds programmes in Wales, as well as including other EU funding programmes  such as the Horizon 2020, European Territorial Co-operation and the Ireland Wales programmes.

Updates from the Rural Development programme and Fisheries programmes are also covered.


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All the latest Coronavirus News from the BBC – UK & Global News…



It seems self-employed people are about to get some of the help they have been demanding since the government agreed to pay 80% of the salary of staff kept on by employers during the coronavirus outbreak. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to reveal what’s in the package at a press conference later. It comes as MPs criticise banks for asking business owners to put up personal assets such as property – other than their family home – to secure loans. This is despite government promises to cover 80% of losses if the money is not repaid, up to £5m. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered a “special thank you” to those who have volunteered to help the NHS during the outbreak. More than half a million – including 11,000 former medics and 24,000 final-year students – have answered the call. That’s more than double the government’s recruitment target. Meanwhile, the Royal College of General Practitioners has written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock to ask whether family doctors should wear protective equipment to examine all patients, rather than just those showing coronavirus symptoms.

We look at how well prepared the health service is for the anticipated surge in cases. That includes a race to acquire ventilators, with the government ordering 10,000 from Dyson. Insiders at the firm, best known for vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, says it has a prototype “ready to go”, provided it passes stringent medical tests. Find out which companies are desperately seeking staff as they ramp up their roles in helping the country cope.




You can keep up with all the global developments via our live page, which has been reporting how the number of deaths in the US has topped 1,000.

The number of cases in the US had increased by more than 10,000 in 24 hours. One retired physician, 69-year-old Claudia Bahorik, who documented the frustrations in her quest to get tested for the virus, says her case is an example of Washington’s failure to implement the “trace, test and treat” mantra of global health bodies. Meanwhile, the US Senate has passed a $2tn (£1.7tn) aid bill, including direct payments of $1,200 to most adults and help for small businesses to pay workers. 

Closer to home, our correspondents gauge the mood in Europe’s locked-down capitals. The death toll in Spainhas risen to 3,434 – surpassing that of China. And coronavirus has triggered the downfall of the government in Kosovo .




As many countries grow accustomed to increasingly stringent lockdowns, personal stories are emerging that demonstrate how dramatically life has changed. For example, the world of dating has got a lot more complicated. One dad tells us how he’s told his daughter he’s gone to Africa when, in reality, he’s self-isolating in a campervan parked in the field next door. And we hear from young gay people forced into isolation with homophobic parents.



Continuing pictures of empty shelves at UK supermarkets have sparked ongoing worries about food shortages. The supermarkets are confident that they can cope, not least because there is a limit to how much people can sensibly stockpile. So they believe that shopping patterns should return to normal eventually.

But the coronavirus pandemic has awakened wider fears about the security and strength of the hugely complicated supply chains, or logistics systems, that modern societies depend on. The Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu wrote that “the line between disorder and order lies in logistics”. To test that idea, you only have to look in your kitchen cupboard or fridge. Almost certainly nearly everything in there came from a shop that was stocked by a lorry or van.


Jonty Bloom

Business reporter, BBC News




The Coronavirus Newscast hears from reporters patrolling the country’s parks to find out whether people are following the government’s rules on social distancing. And the Inquiry, on the BBC World Service, asks what lessons can be learned from South Korea, which quickly got to grips with the outbreak and kept mortality rates low.



There is much praise for the more than 500,000 people who have volunteered to help the NHS deal with the coronavirus outbreak. They make up an “army of kindness”, according to the Daily Express, while they are “kindhearts” in the Daily Mirror’s front-page headline. For the Daily Mail it shows the UK to be “a nation of heroes”. Meanwhile, in a thinly veiled dig at the Prince of Wales, who has tested positive, the Daily Star suggests NHS workers are “not amused” by celebrities and royalty “jumping the queue” to be tested ahead of them. The Financial Times says the government is under pressure to test front-line health workers. The Times and Daily Telegraph say testing kits could be available on a mass scale within weeks, while the Guardian and i suggest the government is to announce financial support for self-employed people.



Let us know what you think of this newsletter by emailing bbcnewsdaily@bbc.co.uk. If you’d like to recommend it to a friend, forward this email. New subscribers can sign up here.

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5 Daily Habits of The Worlds Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the 5 Daily Habits of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Article as featured in Entrepreneur.com.

The main difference between the few who get ahead and the many treading water is how well they spend their time.

The entrepreneurial spirit lights a flame of hope in the hearts and minds of people near and far.

For most, it’s a symbolic journey, one that delves deep into the far-reaches of their minds, revealing their deepest hopes and dreams, illuminating the pathway to self-discovery and eventual financial freedom. 

Yet, as enticing as it sounds to launch a new business, it’s also fraught with challenges that run to the core of who we are inside.

It’s a journey with long and windy roads, twisting and turning their way through a sea of despair and struggle, battling against our darkest and most salient fears, forcing us to furiously fight our way towards the shores of hope and prosperity. 

Clearly, it’s not easy running a business. But don’t tell that to the wild-eyed innovators who have their sights set on achieving monumental success.

Don’t tell that to the entrepreneurs who’ve endured doubt and questions as to their abilities, their entire lives. That won’t dismay or dissuade them at the outset. No, it most certainly won’t. 

However, as exciting as the start of any entrepreneurial journey is, we also know how mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and of course, financially taxing it can be to run and manage a business in the long term.

In fact, it’s so difficult that eight out of every 10 businesses in the United States fails after just 18 months of operations (and 8.5 out of every 10 in the UK fail within 5 years).

Even more shocking? After 10 years, only four out of every 100 businesses are still around. 

If those statistics aren’t enough to stifle you from charging headfirst into the world of commerce, then you’re not alone because 28 million small businesses are operating in the United States with an additional 22 million professionals that are self-employed.

Clearly, the entrepreneurial flame is alive and well in the hearts and minds of many, not just in the U.S., but around the world.

Considering that only 20 percent of businesses reach that 18-month mark and that 96 percent of all businesses disappear within 10 years, the question that beckons most has very much to do with just how a business can succeed in the long term.

While it’s easy enough to start a business, it’s obvious that longevity is what eludes us most. 

I pose this question because the answers are far more fundamental than what most people think.

There’s a reason why investors invest in the people behind the business rather than the business or the idea itself.

You can have a groundbreaking idea for an innovation or a revolutionary new product and launch a business with it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. 

If the person running the business lacks the fundamental building-blocks of a successful entrepreneur, no matter how much money is pumped into that business, nor what strategy is employed, it will eventually fail. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But eventually. And 10 years from now, that business will be all but a distant memory. 

So what is this magic recipe for long-term success in business?

What’s the formula that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs employ to see things through?

Clearly, you need to be agile, innovative, productive and effective with your actions to succeed, but you also need to instill a set of good daily habits so that you can automate your success. 

Habits hold the gateway to success in any endeavor. Not only do the habits we hold dictate the quality of our lives, but they also reflect our potential for success.

Bad habits will always hold us back, especially when it comes to running a business with any staying power. Yet, it’s not just about eliminating the bad habits, you need to instill the right habits for entrepreneurial success. 

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs have endured some of the most trying times. They’ve endured countless failures along the way to business success, with endless headaches and restless nights. But they didn’t give up. If you look at some of the most famous people who’ve failed in the world, there are, in fact, five core habits that stand out. 

Considering that one study determined that habits comprise 45 percent of daily behavior, by instilling the right habits, we’ll default to a better set of actions without having to think about it.

This automation is what helped the world’s most successful entrepreneurs achieve their lofty goals. Emulate their habits, and you just might be able to emulate their accomplishments. 

However, before diving into the specific habits, let’s briefly look at habit development. We all know that it’s hard to form good habits or to quit our bad habits. Neural pathways that form in the mind etch deep connections between the neural networks that comprise much of our thoughts, emotions and resultant actions. And overcoming those neural pathways can seem nearly impossible at times. 

The micro-changes approach to habit development.

What’s the best way to instill the right daily habits into your life?

Use what’s called the micro-changes approach.

This is the absolute best way to get a habit to stick. Considering that it takes, on average, 18 to 254 days to form a habit, there’s a tall mountain to climb of repetitive behavior. Yet, if you try to go from zero to hero overnight, you’ll see yourself fail and revert back to the old, more comfortable, habits. 

The micro-changes approach works like this. Take any habit you’re looking to instill, and break it down into bite-sized pieces. For example, let’s just say you want to work out every day for 45 minutes. Well, start with just 3 push-ups. Or, get outside your house and walk for just 3 minutes.

The point? The commitment has to be so small, that’s it impossible to fail at it. 

The point with the micro-changes approach is that you need to be consistent. So, if you decide to do three push-ups per day, you have to stick to it. What will happen after a few days is that you’ll want to increase that action. So, if you do three push-ups per day for the first few days, you might find yourself moving up to four push-ups the following few days. You simply have to keep increasing it as you go, but stick to the minimum amount you committed to. 

When we skip a day of doing something, any behavior, it’s incredibly hard to go back. We lose the momentum, which is why the micro-changes approach is important. For example, if you decide to walk for three minutes, possibly go for a walk around your block, you have to do it every day and increase that time every few days or every week.

Any of the following habits can be created over time by using the micro-changes approach. You can even use it to quit your bad habits by slowly limiting them over an extended period until they’re gone. It isn’t easy. You have to be conscious of what you’re doing. But if you’re committed enough to it, you’ll achieve your habit-development goals in time.

Now on to the bit that you all come here for.

The 5 daily habits of the Worlds Most Successful Entrepreneurs:

Daily Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs 1.

Waking up early

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sends out company emails by 4:30 a.m. every day with a visit to the gym shortly after at 5 a.m. One of the world’s most successful CEOs knows a thing or two about the importance of getting up early. But he’s not the only one. Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and so does Howard Schultz who also gets a workout in before showing up to the office at 6 a.m. 

But there’s a reason why they and countless others of the world’s most successful individuals wake up that early. It’s in the early-morning hours, when the world is still and silent, that we can focus and concentrate best on our efforts, to see things through and push towards our long-term goals. 

Even for those people that don’t consider themselves as morning people, the daily success habit of waking up early can be achieved with the micro-changes approach as long as you stay consistent.

For this, simply wake up 15 minutes earlier the first week, then another 15 minutes earlier the following week, and so on.

Do it until you reach your wake-up-early goal. 

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 2.

Effective time management

Time is life’s greatest equaliser. No matter how Wealth or Successful you are, we all have the same amount of time in the day. It doesn’t matter who we are, where we’re from, the color of our skin, religion, and so on, we all still just get 24 hours in a day.

That’s 86,400 seconds. That’s it. No more and no less. 

What does make a difference, however, is just how we use the precious time that we do have.

Do we waste it? Or do we use it effectively, masterfully managing our time to achieve our goals?

The world’s most successful people are also some of the world’s best managers of their time. If you’re serious about long-term success, then you need to instill this daily habit into your life. 

Use the quadrant-time-management system, first envisioned by the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and later popularized by Stephen R. Covey in his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

You’ll find this to be the best strategy for managing your time and eventually achieving your goals.

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 3.

Daily goal setting

Not only do successful entrepreneurs set long-term goals, but they also engage in daily goal setting. They set goals every single day based on what they want to achieve in the long term. The daily goals help to provide clarity at a smaller scale, rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of those monumental goals we want to achieve years down the line. 

Benjamin Franklin was known for asking the question “What good have I done today?” at the end of every single day. By knowing that he would ask that question, he was better able to set the right goals each day to stay on track, as hard as it might have seemed at times for him to do so. 

Steve Jobs was also one that asked himself a question every day while looking in the mirror. In a commencement speech to Stanford University graduates, he told the audience that his question was, “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to be doing what you’re doing?”

He later went on to state that, “Whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 4.

Meticulous planning

It’s great to set goals, but harder to achieve them when we fail to plan. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are meticulous planners. You need to determine how you’re going to get from Point A to Point B to give yourself direction and to better understand how you’ll approach the finish line in the future. 

Think about a plane for a moment. Every airplane has a goal. Its goal is to fly from one city to the next, leave at a certain date and time, and arrive at another date and time. Yet, there is tremendous amounts of planning that go into that goal.

The plane has to plan its projected direction of travel, air speed, elevation and so on. 

Similar to the plane, you need to plan your route to your goals.

Creating a massive action plan, and tracking your progress on a daily basis, will also allow you to overcome any difficulties or change your approach if you see that something isn’t working.

When a plane hits turbulence or air-traffic congestion, it changes direction, elevation or speed so that it can eventually reach its intended target. 

Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 5.

Persistent action.

The cliché of taking action has been hammered home in the self-help genre for ages. Everyone speaks about taking action, but not everyone can follow through and do it. We get sidetracked and veer off track. Things come up and we lose our focus or we end up procrastinating towards our goals. 

However, this is by far one of the most important daily habits you can have to reach eventual success.

Still, the problem is overcoming the silent killer known as procrastination.

However, there is a so-called hack for this. It’s called the 15-minute rule. Take the one thing that you’ve been putting off for the longest, set a timer on your phone, and do it for just 15 minutes. 

All it takes is 15 minutes. Don’t promise yourself more than that. Just 15 minutes. What you’ll come to find is that after those 15 minutes are up, you’ll have built some momentum and you might keep going. And even if you don’t continue, you’ll have broken the stifling pattern of procrastination. 

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