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National Parks Warns Not To Plot Killing Friends With Bears During Hiking Season

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Campaigns these days are getting more and more bizarre, but can you blame advertisers? With hiking season having just arrived amid these dystopian times, the US government has released a string of weirdly morbid PSAs reminding social media users to take the annual safety precautions—this time in a manner more Quentin Tarantino than Barney the dinosaur.

On 2 August, which was National Friendship Day, the National Park Service (NPS) uploaded a peculiar poster of two silhouettes in the woods, with one of them forcefully shoving the other onto the ground while a bear lurks in the background. “Friends don’t use friends as bear bait,” the federal agency’s graphic read.

“For the longest time my best friend was my grandmother. And then she met Harriet. And now she thinks she better than…

Posted by National Park Service on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Naturally, people were confused, so the NPS clarified the poster in detail in a separate post. The explanation didn’t assuage internet users’ feelings, though.

The agency went on to eerily address, “Please don’t runfrom bears or push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself… Do NOT push down a slower friend (even if you think the friendship has run its course),” before disclaiming, “P.S. We apologize to any ‘friends’ who were brought on a hike as the ‘bait’ or were sacrificed to save the group. You will be missed.”

The follow-up post did come with some helpful advice on saving yourself—and friends you hopefully care about—from possible bear attacks.

“If you come upon a stationary bear, move away slowly and sideways; this allows you to keep an eye on the bear and avoid tripping,” the NPS urged. “Moving sideways is also non-threatening to bears. Do NOT run, but if the bear follows, stop and hold your ground. Like dogs, they will chase fleeing animals.”

The government agency also warned never to climb a tree if you encounter a bear. “Both grizzlies and black bears can climb trees,” it elaborated.

The most important things to do are to keep your cool and identify yourself with a noise so the bear knows you are a person, and not food.

“Stay calm and remember that most bears do not want to attack you; they usually just want to be left alone. Don’t we all?” the NPS alerted. “Identify yourself by making noise so the bear knows you are a human and not a prey animal. Help the bear recognize you as a human. We recommend using your voice. (Waving and showing off your opposable thumb means nothing to the bear).”

Lastly, the agency shared that it’s not uncommon for bears to inch forward or stand on their hind legs for a closer look or to pick up a scent. “A standing bear is usually curious, not threatening,” it assured.

READ: Please don’t run from bears or push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself.⁣⁣


As a follow-up…

Posted by National Park Service on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

[via Mashable, cover image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411049/National-Parks-Warns-Not-To-Plot-Killing-Friends-With-Bears-During-Hiking-Season/

Viola Davis Replaces Kylie Jenner In ‘WAP’ Video Edit, Rocking Leopard Prints

Image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com and video screenshot Cardi B

Kylie Jenner is currently under scrutiny for starring in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP music video for a number of reasons, including how her spot could have been handed to female musicians of color.

The backlash spurred a petition requesting the removal of Jenner in the video. The petition has been signed by over 60,000 fans as of today.

Some fans have also asked other personalities to replace Jenner’s cameo, and the list of suggestions includes actress Viola Davis.

This hope has sparked a fan edit of Davis donning Jenner’s ensemble in the video. In the remix, Davis can be seen posing while wearing Jenner’s leopard-printed outfit in the music video.

Davis reposted the tweet, asking “Who did this?” The actress later credited the fan on http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411047/Viola-Davis-Replaces-Kylie-Jenner-In-WAP-Video-Edit-Rocking-Leopard-Prints/

Black Eyed Peas Get Deepfaked In Dramatic Bollywood Scenes For New Music Video

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Video screenshot via Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas have released a new music video for their song Action, with dramatic fight scenes from several Bollywood action films including S Shankar’s Enthiran, Rohit Shetty’s Singham, and Sundar C’s Aambala. 

All of the heroes in the films have been replaced with Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.Am, apl.de.ap, and Taboo through deepfake technology, resulting in an action-packed music video with over-the-top stunts.

Will.i.Am shared on Twitter that he had always been inspired by India and Bollywood. “Check out our video for #Action inspired by #Bollywood…I’ve always loved music from India…” the 45-year-old wrote in the post.

He also revealed that their previous tracks, Elephunk and Monkey Business, were also inspired by Indian culture. “Thank you India for your vibrancy and contribution to the world,” he concluded.

Watch the music video for Action below.

[via Hindustan Times, cover image via Black Eyed Peas] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411045/Black-Eyed-Peas-Get-Deepfaked-In-Dramatic-Bollywood-Scenes-For-New-Music-Video/

Kelly Osbourne’s Fans Say She’s ‘Unrecognizable’ In Selfie Revealing Weight Loss

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Kelly Osbourne has got fans talking after she posted a selfie on Instagram, showing off her new look.

According to fans, Osbourne looked “unrecognizable” after she shed over 50 pounds and switched her goth look to a pinup doll-like appearance. In the photo, Osbourne looked like a “pin up goddess,” a fan commented.

She wore a red Gucci top while her lilac-colored hair is styled in a braided bun. She matched her hair with flawless make-up to complete the look. “Today I’m feeling #Gucci,” she wrote in the caption.

Osbourne’s fans flooded her comments section, complimenting her look and style, though some weren’t too sure it was Osbourne at first.

“You look like a different person with your wight loss,” a fan wrote. Other fans thought she was “unrecognizable” with her new look.

Osbourne also posted a photo of herself rocking a cotton candy pink and purple pig tail braids.

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Today I’m feeling #Gucci 💜❤️

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Aug 3, 2020 at 11:24am PDT

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Kelly Longstocking is coming into your town The one no one can keep down, no no no no The one who's fun to be around, woaaahhh woah.

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Aug 6, 2020 at 2:44pm PDT

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It’s the weekend. Do something that your future self will thank you for!!!

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on Jul 24, 2020 at 8:59am PDT

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Ok now I’m feeling this look… 💜💜💜 #quarantineHair #DIY

A post shared by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on May 23, 2020 at 9:56am PDT

[via Kelly Osbourne, opening image via DFree / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411030/Kelly-Osbourne-s-Fans-Say-She-s-Unrecognizable-In-Selfie-Revealing-Weight-Loss/

Joe Rogan Slams ‘Bizarre’ Filter After Seeing His Transformation As A Woman

Image via CRs_bukley / Shutterstock.comEDIT

Joe Rogan slammed “bizarre filters” by sharing two photos of himself and another altered to look like a woman.

The podcast host shared the photo taken by his 10-year-old daughter, who applied the filter to make him appear as a woman. “If you wanna know how f***ed we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women’s expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This is me,” he wrote in the post.

He showed the photo of him doctored to appear as a woman, as well as the original photo of him making a kissy face.

Rogan added that the “satanic filter was designed to steal women’s self-esteem through pure deception and f***ery.” The 52-year-old rallied his followers to protect themselves by concluding that, “the devil is real, [you all].”

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If you wanna know how fucked we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women’s expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This IS ME. My 10 year old daughter is laughing hysterically because she took a picture of my ugly chimp face making kissy lips and ran it through some satanic filter designed to steal women’s self esteem through pure deception and fuckery, and this is the result. Protect yourself, my friends. The internet is trying to rob you of your happiness.

A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on Aug 7, 2020 at 6:47pm PDT

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The original photo before the satanic filters. The devil is real, ya’ll.

A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on Aug 7, 2020 at 6:52pm PDT

[via LADBible, cover image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411036/Joe-Rogan-Slams-Bizarre-Filter-After-Seeing-His-Transformation-As-A-Woman/

Google Chrome Add-Ons To Kickstart Your Productivity When Working From Home

Image via Momentum

Now that working from home is the new norm, it’s best to adjust and adapt to the new routines. However, working at home can be challenging as your environment might not be so conducive, leading to possible burnouts.

So, it’s crucial to seek the best practices for you and even utilize helpful resources to ease this process. Try kicking things off on your desktop by installing go-to Google Chrome extensions.

These free add-ons to your browser can make the slightest yet most significant difference to your wellbeing and productivity when working from your abode. Here are some to try out.


Image via Momentum

This popular extension with over three million users takes over your new tab page with a dashboard personalized for you. It features scenic landscape photographs in the background with a to-do list, weather report, and motivation quotes. Most importantly, it helps you stay on track by reminding you of the tasks for the day every time you open a new tab.


Image via Grammarly

Grammarly is a free browser extension that checks your misspellings, sentence structure and grammar, which can save lots of time when it comes to writing reports or emails. It automically corrects your text found in Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

The tool will highlight misspellings in red, point out grammatical mistakes, misuse of punctuation, and even assess your tone of writing. The premium version of the extension can also be purchased if you wish to upgrade it for weekly reports and more.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

Image via Focus To-Do

This browser extension is a multipurpose to-do list that utilizes the Pomodoro technique of balancing work and rest. You can enter in your tasks and allocate time and rest accordingly. The extension will help you focus on work and reminds you when its time for a break.

Focus To-Do also syncs between your phone and computer so that it can be used interchangeably.

StretchClock – Break Reminder and Office Yoga

Image via Stretchclock

Stretchclock is a break reminder for those who usually end up with backaches after hours of working in front of the computer. A timer will run in one of your browser tabs and reminds you when it is time to stretch. You can set the timings to suit your daily routine, so it does not interfere during moments of peak productivity.

It also features recommendations for exercise you can do at your desk to avoid aches and injuries while working at a stationary position.

Check out more tools right here.

[via Mashable, cover image via Momentum] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411043/Google-Chrome-Add-Ons-To-Kickstart-Your-Productivity-When-Working-From-Home/

Study Uncovers Which Face Coverings Could Be The Least Effective

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As the scarce N95 masks remain largely reserved for frontline workers, the general public is encouraged to do all it can to help fight COVID-19 infections by using face covers, which can help filter out the novel coronavirus should they be asymptomatic carriers.

However, this advice—no matter how many times it is drilled into people’s heads—doesn’t answer some questions, like which face covers aren’t so effective. So when a professor at the Duke University’s School of Medicine partnered with a local group to purchase masks in bulk to distribute to the community, researchers in his team decided to find out once and for all which types they should not invest in.

The team performed a simple test involving 14 common types of masks, as well as a laser beam, black box, and cellphone to observe the diffusion of respiratory droplets during speech.

“The laser beam is expanded vertically to form a thin sheet of light, which we shine through slits on the left and right of the box,” Martin Fischer, one of the researchers, described to CNN. The team would then have a speaker talk into a hole at the front of the black box, and the cellphone’s camera would capture how much light from the laser beam is passed around the box through respiratory droplets.

Participants were asked to speak without a mask at first, and then repeat the experiment with the protective garment. Each face mask went through 10 rounds of testing.

Finally, a computer algorithm would count the droplets in the footage.

To their surprise, the researchers discovered that there’s little point in wearing certain types of masks.

In their findings published in Science Advances last Friday, the team noted that the most effective covering of the 14 was, predictably, the N95 mask. This was followed by three-layer surgical masks and cotton variants, the sort people craft at home.

Alas, the least effective option turned out to be neck fleeces, or gaiter masks. The team even found that more respiratory droplets were transmitted with fleece garments on, as opposed to when no mask was worn at all, since its material tends to break down larger droplets into smaller—and therefore, more transportable—ones.

From their observations, they have also advised against using folded bandanas and knitted covers.

Image via Emma Fischer, Duke University (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Image via Emma Fischer, Duke University (CC BY-NC 4.0)

[via CNN, images via Emma Fischer, Duke University (CC BY-NC 4.0)] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411048/Study-Uncovers-Which-Face-Coverings-Could-Be-The-Least-Effective/

Starbucks Roasts Its Own Inability To Spell To Remind You To Wear Masks

Image via Starbucks UK

It’s no secret that Starbucks’ baristas have misspelled many a customer’s name on coffee cups. Starbucks UK is admitting to this in a self-deprecating ad by poking fun at employees’ blunders while promoting the use of face masks at the same time.

The poster, conceived by ad agency Iris Worldwide, shows a Starbucks cup with the word “mmpfffh” written over it to imply the muffled sound a customer might make when introducing his or her name with a face mask on.

It also includes a message thanking patrons for wearing face masks at the Starbucks stores amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Names on cups is such a big thing at Starbucks and it just occurred to me how much trickier life suddenly is for baristas. They’ve got no chance,” Eli Vasiliou, the Iris associate creative director, explained to Muse by Clio.

“That idea made me laugh, so we worked it up as a little social post for Starbucks’ Instagram and Facebook. [The] client loved it and signed it off, and that was that,” she added.

To all our lovely customers as we welcome you back. Keep safe, look after each other 😷

Posted by Starbucks UK on Monday, August 3, 2020

[via Muse By CLIO, cover image via Starbucks UK] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411044/Starbucks-Roasts-Its-Own-Inability-To-Spell-To-Remind-You-To-Wear-Masks/

NASA Reveals Beirut Blast’s Tremendous Damage In New Satellite Imagery

Image via Alex Gakos / Shutterstock.com

Parts of Beirut crumbled to a deadly mushroom-cloud blast on 4 August, causing shockwaves that wounded and killed many. Two explosions took place that day, but it was the second that left an upsetting mark on the capital, claiming at least 220 lives.

The blast was linked to some 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, tantamount to 1.2 kilotons of TNT, being stored unsafely in Beirut’s port for six years, making it one of the largest non-nuclear-related explosions to ever occur.

The repercussions were so extreme, monitoring systems have recorded the blast as equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude between 3.3 to 4.5. NASA has now visualized the massive impact made by the catastrophe in a satellite map.

The visual, created by the space agency’s Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) team and the Earth Observatory of Singapore, is marred with large splotches of red along with some yellow. Each colored pixel represents 33 yards.

According to NASA, the yellow bands indicate “somewhat less damage.” Of course, the darker the red, the graver the impact.

Such maps are typically used to study ground changes before and after drastic events like earthquakes, but the effects of the blast were so significant, the same renders could be used here.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Earth Observatory of Singapore/ESA

[via Slashgear, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411046/NASA-Reveals-Beirut-Blast-s-Tremendous-Damage-In-New-Satellite-Imagery/

Céline Dion Gives Off Futuristic Vibes In Mugler’s Eye-Popping Armor Bodysuit

Image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Céline Dion looked futuristic in her latest ensemble of a glittering gold armor bodysuit designed by Thierry Mugler.

“Live life by the golden rule,” Dion captioned her shot, posted on Instagram. The snap showed her donning the stunning vintage piece, emphasizing on her trim waist and long legs.

She slicked her hair back and opted for a natural bronzy makeup look as she posed for the camera. Dion also skipped the accessories, making sure the armored bodysuit was the highlight of the look.

She also shared a closeup shot of the garment, showing the rows of studded gems along the hips and bust area. This time, she wore a jewel-encrusted sleeve that went all the way to her shoulder.

Check out her look below.

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Live life by the golden rule ✨ – Team Céline . Vivez la vie en respectant la règle d’or ✨ – Team Céline . #Courage #Sunday #MuglerArchives . Styled by @p.e.p.e.munoz and @sydneylopez Hair: @dee_termined_girl Makeup: @justinstclairmakeup 📸: @paolakudacki

A post shared by Céline Dion (@celinedion) on Aug 9, 2020 at 6:52am PDT

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Glittering in vintage @muglerofficial ✨- Team Celine . Scintiller dans du @muglerofficial vintage ✨ – Team Céline . . Styled by @p.e.p.e.munoz and @sydneylopez Hair: @dee_termined_girl Makeup: @justinstclairmakeup 📸: @paolakudacki . #FridayFeeling #Courage #MuglerArchives

A post shared by Céline Dion (@celinedion) on Aug 7, 2020 at 7:34am PDT

[via Céline Dion, opening image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411038/Ce-line-Dion-Gives-Off-Futuristic-Vibes-In-Mugler-s-Eye-Popping-Armor-Bodysuit/

Zelda Williams Has ‘Savage’ Comeback To Eric Trump Sharing Robin Williams Clip

Image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, took a hit at Eric Trump after he shared a clip that featured the late comedian mocking Joe Biden.

The 2009 comedy clip showed Robin Williams poking fun at the former vice president. “We still have great comedy out there,” Williams said in the clip. “There’s always rambling Joe Biden—what the f**k? Joe says s**t that even people with Tourettes go, ‘No. What is going on?’”

He added that Biden was “like your uncle who is on a new drug but hasn’t got the dosage right.”

Trump retweeted the clip with the headline, “Robin Williams Just Savages Joe Biden.” The late comedian’s daughter, however, wasn’t happy that Trump had used her father’s words to “further [his] political agenda.”

“While we’re ‘reminiscing’ (to further your political agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad,” she tweeted. “I did. Promise you, it’s much more ‘savage’.”


— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) August 6, 2020

While we’re ‘reminiscing’ (to further your political agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad. I did. Promise you, it’s much more ‘savage’.

Gentle reminder that the dead can’t vote, but the living can ♥️ https://t.co/CXDTovG5yo

— Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) August 8, 2020

[via Today, opening image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411042/Zelda-Williams-Has-Savage-Comeback-To-Eric-Trump-Sharing-Robin-Williams-Clip/

Kanye West’s Latest YEEZY Shoe Design Gets Likened To Pasta & Fish Bones

Image via Liam Goodner / Shutterstock.com

Kanye West’s collaboration with adidas for the YEEZY sneaker line has birthed highly-coveted pairs of shoes, and now the rapper has unveiled another edition in the works on Twitter.

“YZY D Rose coming soon,” West wrote in a post with a photo of the product design.

The minimalist iteration has somehow drawn comparisons with various wacky items like sliced potatoes on skewers, fish bones, and even a pastas noodle called Bigatoni.

West and adidas have yet to confirm any details about the sneakers and their launch date, but they clearly have garnered the attention of many for their one-of-a-kind futuristic look.

Check it out below.

YZY D Rose coming soon 🕊 pic.twitter.com/SqHdj4SUrg

— ye (@kanyewest) August 9, 2020

I got mine already 🙏🏽 pic.twitter.com/6soZHJZ93N

— Mike Orozco (@CRISPYxDRIP) August 9, 2020

That's actually a rare pasta noodle called Bigatoni

— DeVancouver (@Devancouver) August 9, 2020


— nick ✨ (@nickkvalladares) August 9, 2020

not the glade plug ins…. https://t.co/yJofXIUEsX pic.twitter.com/j8t7DgrnWB

— kai🤨| artíst era (@affectionthirst) August 9, 2020

Looks like this veggie slicer pic.twitter.com/lSJNPI2QKj

— Lola (@okguuuurl) August 9, 2020


— rex (@coolr3x) August 9, 2020

[via Insider, cover image via Liam Goodner / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411040/Kanye-West-s-Latest-YEEZY-Shoe-Design-Gets-Likened-To-Pasta-Fish-Bones/

‘Yo-Semite’ Shirt Sales Skyrocket After Trump’s Mispronunciation Of Park Name

Image via National Museum of American Jewish History

Donald Trump’s mispronunciation of the word Yosemite has earned National Museum of American Jewish History almost US$30,000 in sales for its “Yo Semite” t-shirt.

The president struggled to utter the name of one of America’s known national parks, pronouncing it as “yo-Semitee,” which prompted numerous humorous reactions from social media users.

The slipup has caused the National Museum of American Jewish History to earn US$30,000 for its camping shirt that displayed the word “yo-Semite” with two sequoia redwood trees on it. According to the shop, its website crashed after a spike in traffic. The museum has been selling the tshirts since 2011, but after Trump’s blunder, its sales skyrocketed.

The museum’s director of retail and visitor experience Kristen Kreider told The Philadelphia Business Journal that the sales from the shirt alone matched the amount the shop earned during the whole of June. “It just keeps gathering momentum,” Kreider said.

The museum reported that almost 1,500 of the shirts were sold in the last three days.

Gaze upon Yo-semite’s towering Sequoias with our "Yo Semite" t-shirt! 😉🌲 Get 'em while they're hot: https://t.co/PGNaXqbiwi #Yosemite pic.twitter.com/TXxs5nJ1oR

— National Museum of American Jewish History (@NMAJH) August 4, 2020

[via HuffPost, opening image via National Museum of American Jewish History] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411032/Yo-Semite-Shirt-Sales-Skyrocket-After-Trump-s-Mispronunciation-Of-Park-Name/

Burger King Turns Unruly & Drunk Real-Life Customers Into Hilarious Delivery Ad

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Image via Burger King Brazil

The antics of drunk customers entering fast-food restaurants will probably give employees more heart palpitations than a pile of greasy burgers would.

Nevertheless, Burger King Brazil has teamed up with advertising agency Ogilvy Sao Paolo to gather footage of defiant customers, turning the accumulated clips into a creative spot for its home delivery service.

The simple ad shows multifaceted antics of patrons who come in late at night—from people throwing fries at each other and tearing off their clothes, a man washing himself with the soda machine to a guy lining up to order at the counter without any clothes on. It contains snippets shared by customers and Burger King employees themselves before the pandemic struck.

The ad encourages customers to order through Burger King Brazil’s special delivery service instead of coming in at the wee hours of the night.

“The film shows exactly what used to happen late-night in BK’s restaurants,” creative VP at David Sao Paolo Rafael Donata said.

Burger King Brazil’s communication and innovation director Thais Souza Nicolau added, “We are always tuned into the behavior of our customers, to create offers and services that tend to their needs.”

“Over the past few months, we’ve been seeing recurring mentions on our social media channels about people who miss visiting our stores, so we decided to play with our own ‘embarrassing situations’ through this campaign and bring humor to our consumers during the pandemic,” she added.

[via Ad Age, opening image via Burger King Brazil] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411041/Burger-King-Turns-Unruly-Drunk-Real-Life-Customers-Into-Hilarious-Delivery-Ad/

Pamela Anderson Stuns Fans With Youthful Physique In Flashy White Swimsuit

Image via August Fairchild / Shutterstock.com

Pamela Anderson stunned fans as she posted photos of herself looking youthful in a white swimsuit on Instagram.

Anderson posed sultrily against a glass barrier while wearing a white one-piece swimsuit, which gave fans a peek at her side boob. The swimsuit featured an exposed back and was held together by thin straps at the back of her body. She paired the look with white high heels, showing off her legs in the snap.

The second shot showed her standing tall as she gazed into the camera with a seductive look. She included an excerpt of E.E Cummings poem in her caption, “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”

Her shots received praised from her fans, who complimented her youthful look in the comments section. “You look exactly the same way when you did your great show V.I.P back in the 90s and also Barb Wire,” one fan commented, impressed by Anderson’s ageless physique.

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🌸 “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” E.E. Cummings

A post shared by Pamela Anderson 🌸 (@pamelaanderson) on Aug 9, 2020 at 9:08am PDT

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I’m my own worst enemy .. 🌸

A post shared by Pamela Anderson 🌸 (@pamelaanderson) on Aug 6, 2020 at 4:32pm PDT

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Happy Baby 🌸

A post shared by Pamela Anderson 🌸 (@pamelaanderson) on Aug 4, 2020 at 3:10pm PDT

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A post shared by Pamela Anderson 🌸 (@pamelaanderson) on Aug 3, 2020 at 4:01pm PDT

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I was a painfully shy girl. I was insecure about the way I looked. I felt nobody loved me- it was a terrible feeling. I took a risk – I agreed to do @playboy – I was literally the girl next door. Mr Hefner called me the DNA of the magazine … I conquered my fear. It set me free. I’m a free spirit. sometimes those old feelings creep in and I know that I need to be bold and brave in all I do. I meditate. I pray to a feminine spirit. For all women. I push though. I don’t complain. I make lemons out of lemonade. I wish you empowerment- it may seem silly at times but every decision decides our course / we are programmed. I am grateful that I am respected and get to be me. I would never sell my soul. I’m on a journey of self discovery. Sexy is something I feel naturally driven towards… it’s fun. Sensual is never explicit- Its mysterious. I have boundaries and protection. I think of all young women on social media. And I pray for their strength, health and security. Emotionally and physically. #filpthescript 🌸 @jasmindotcom today live 16h PST

A post shared by Pamela Anderson 🌸 (@pamelaanderson) on Jul 30, 2020 at 11:32am PDT

[via Inquisitr, opening image via August Fairchild / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411037/Pamela-Anderson-Stuns-Fans-With-Youthful-Physique-In-Flashy-White-Swimsuit/

Apple Goes Hot On Peels Of Meal-Planning App For Its ‘Similar’ Pear Logo

Image via Songquan Deng / Shutterstock.com

It seems that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, even if it’s a pear.

Apple is taking legal action against Prepear, a meal-planning app aimed at helping users better manage their meals and discover new recipes, because its pear-shaped logo is apparently too alike that of the tech giant.

Prepear’s attempt to trademark its symbol at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was opposed by Apple, who argued that the “minimalistic fruit design with a right-angled leaf” might influence customers to “associate the mark with Apple,” and “readily calls to mind Apple’s famous Apple logo” due to its “similar commercial impression.”

In response to the complaint, Prepear’s owner Super Healthy Kids took to Instagram to chastise the “trillion-dollar” giant for trying to devour its use of the pear logo because it, “supposedly hurts their brand?”

The Prepear founders added that as a small business with only five team members, the five-digit sum set to be taken out of their pockets would be a “big blow.”

“The CRAZY thing is that Apple has done this to dozens of other small business fruit logo companies, and many have chosen to abandon their logo, or close doors,” Prepear addressed. “While the rest of the world is going out of their way to help small businesses during this pandemic, Apple has chosen to go after our small business.”

The founders of the five-year-old service have since started a Change.org petition seeking assistance to “save the Pear from Apple” as well as request for the Cupertino company to forego its plan to have the Prepear logo taken down.

The app’s creators added that the David VS Goliath affair has been a “very terrifying experience,” seeing as how they’re being contested by “one of the largest companies in the world.”

However, they were overwhelmed by the moral obligation to stand up for fellow small businesses in stopping “big tech companies from abusing their position of power by going after small businesses like us.”

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A post shared by Healthy Kids Recipes•Routines (@superhealthykids) on Aug 7, 2020 at 12:56pm PDT

[via MacRumors, cover image via Songquan Deng / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411039/Apple-Goes-Hot-On-Peels-Of-Meal-Planning-App-For-Its-Similar-Pear-Logo/

Kylie Jenner’s Cameo In ‘WAP’ Video Outrages Thousands, Who Demand For Erasure

Video screenshot via Cardi B

Kylie Jenner made a cameo in the risqué music video of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP. However, many aren’t pleased with her appearance, spurring a petition with over 60,000 signatures requesting her removal.

Jenner was featured for a little more than 20 seconds in the video, where she was seen walking down the hallways wearing a leopard-printed ensemble.

The petition, titled “Remove Kylie Jenner from WAP video,” was created for several reasons. Some fans felt that the reality star was stealing the spotlight as media outlets have been harping on Jenner’s short cameo rather than the video itself belonging to two Black women.

Viewers also argued that Jenner might have taken up an opportunity that could have been given to female musicians of color.

Apart from the reality star, the video features music personalities from minority groups like Normani, Mulatto, and Rosalía.

However, Jenner does not seem fazed by the backlash, as she recently shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos and clips from the video shoot, which you can view below.

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A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) on Aug 7, 2020 at 12:44pm PDT

[via Pop Culture, cover image via Cardi B] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411034/Kylie-Jenner-s-Cameo-In-WAP-Video-Outrages-Thousands-Who-Demand-For-Erasure/

Virgil Abloh Gets Accused By Designer Of Ripping Him Off To Create LV Collection

Image via Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck has called out Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton for ripping off his old designs.

Beirendonck, who leads the fashion department at Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, took to Instagram to raise possible plagiarism seen in several elements of his LV’s Spring/Summer 2021 menswear collection.

Beirendonck stated that the color combinations and silhouettes of the collection bore resemblance to his designs. He also pointed out that the stuffed animal-like figures stitched to Abloh’s outerwear range called Zooom With Friends looked just like the playful plushes in Beirendonck’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Fans of Beirendonck also noticed that Abloh’s asymmetric sunglasses looked just like the LIGHTNING sunglasses created for Beirendonck’s FW18 show. Instagram account @aestheticterrorist also noted the similarity between Abloh’s inflatable outerwear to Beirendonck’s pool toy muscle jacket from 1996.

“Virgil did it again!” Beirendonck told HYPEBEAST. Beirendonck claimed that Abloh wasn’t just blatantly copying, but he also used Beirendock’s colors, cuts, shapes and whole moodboard he had worked on since 1985.

“He could have asked me for a collaboration,” Beirendonck concluded his statement.

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#LVMenSS21 Maintained and morphed. Looks by @virgilabloh from the recent #LouisVuitton Fashion Show in Shanghai. Watch now at louisvuitton.com

A post shared by Louis Vuitton Official (@louisvuitton) on Aug 7, 2020 at 1:34pm PDT

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#LVMenSS21 Imagination run riot. Looks by @virgilabloh from the recent #LouisVuitton Fashion Show in Shanghai. Watch now at louisvuitton.com

A post shared by Louis Vuitton Official (@louisvuitton) on Aug 7, 2020 at 11:31am PDT

Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton has copied Belgian designer Water Van Beirendonck for Spring 2021.

Has virgil gone too far this time?

For comparison, left images are Walter's work and right images are LV spring 2021. There are also other designs that have been copied.. pic.twitter.com/DSsJHbW5Pr

— The Artémis Magazine (@theartemismag) August 7, 2020

Virgil Abloh also copied Walter van Beirendonck SS16 line with his LV SS21 line, really pathetic from Virgil

— PRADA (@thenewjoey1) August 8, 2020

IP theft is bad.
So is Walter Van Beirendonck's 2016 collection.
Worse is S 21 Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh's clone collection. #TheSociopathicBusinessModel#FraudFormula #Fashion pic.twitter.com/usF8CYpNjG

— KillingMyCareer (@MelaynaLokosky) August 8, 2020

I have been comparing these Walter Van Beirendonck’s looks from the past and Virgil Abloh’s LV spring 2021 menswear. Obviously seeing some similarities. pic.twitter.com/Lol5vXlWIR

— Bernard Dayo (@BernardDayo) August 8, 2020

[via HYPEBEAST, opening image via Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411029/Virgil-Abloh-Gets-Accused-By-Designer-Of-Ripping-Him-Off-To-Create-LV-Collection/

Jared Leto Poised To Star As Andy Warhol In Upcoming Film

Image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Jared Leto will be playing late renowned artist Andy Warhol in an upcoming film, though it’s unclear if it will be a biopic of the artist or not.

Leto confirmed the news via an Instagram post. “Yes, it’s true that I will be playing Andy Warhol in an upcoming film,” he wrote. “And so grateful and excited about this opportunity.

The post featured a few photos of Warhol, who passed away in 1987. “We miss you and your genius,” Leto added in the post.

In 2016, Leto was reported to act and co-produce a biopic called Warhol. However, there isn’t any confirmation of whether it will be the same film that Leto will be starring in.

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Yes it’s true I will be playing Andy Warhol in an upcoming film. And so grateful and excited about the opportunity. 😊🙏 Happy belated birthday Andy 🎂🖤 We miss you and your genius

A post shared by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Aug 7, 2020 at 10:57am PDT

[via Page Six, cover image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411035/Jared-Leto-Poised-To-Star-As-Andy-Warhol-In-Upcoming-Film/

Billie Eilish Enamors Fans With Animated Studio Ghibli-Inspired Music Video

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Image via DFree / Shutterstock.com

Billie Eilish has unveiled her latest music video for her new single, my future, swapping out the dark atmospheres used in most of her videos for a more colorful illustrated look.

The clip opens up with an animated Eilish sitting in a forest while staring at the moon in the rainy weather. The rain collects at the pools as well as its surrounding leaves.

As the song progresses, she wanders through the forest, and new life begins to spring up from the ground. Roots and vines wrap themselves around Eilish and lift her up into the sky.

The video gives off Studio Ghibli movie vibes, and seems like a cross between My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke.

Her animated video was produced Melbourne-based by Chop Studio. The singer attributed the idea to her habit of drawing a picture for each of her songs to Miyazaki, drawing inspiration from his films. “I owe so much of it to Miyazaki and so weirdly unrealistic but realistic,” she admitted in a 2019 interview with VICE, specifically mentioning Spirited Away. “I watched it over and over and over. Oh my God, I thought it was so dope.”

Eilish’s video has delighted social media users, and her Japanese fans have compared the clip to the works of Ghibli and Akira. A Japanese fan thanked Eilish for “gifting” them an animated clip during “tough times.”

“Taking all that imagination and channeling it into something expressive is the definition of being ‘expressive’. I really respect those who can do that. Anime is probably one of the best ways to motivate Japanese people isn’t it,” the user commented.

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今年の2月以来の新曲。MVがアニメーション。 アーティストってやはり、どんな困難な時だって私達にこの様な贈り物をくれる、 その全てのイマジネーション、発想の転換が正にアーティスティック。本当に尊敬します。 アニメって、やっぱ日本人には最も刺激る(ささる)よなぁ #billieeilish #ビリーアイリッシュ #pv #mv #アニメーション #コロナ禍 #発想の転換

A post shared by 暴社長 (@bo_shacho) on Aug 4, 2020 at 11:53pm PDT

ビリーアイリッシュちゃんのMVのカエルかわいい! pic.twitter.com/nHcvDauPJu

— mobu (@R_mobu) August 1, 2020

I really love @billieeilish voice!!! It's pretty soft and emotional that give me chills. So unique. 💖

Appreciation for the animation of this vid. 👏 Anws, its abt self love.https://t.co/6l8aRpekQi

— ♡w♡ (@rrlwynsky) August 10, 2020

I know not everyone is a Billie fan. My 9 year old granddaughter & I share our love for Billie. This song is jazzyish. animation is incredible @melmus99 @Graflex16mm @tffmadpixie @operacakelady

Billie Eilish – my future https://t.co/AAdKWsxQXu via @YouTube

— trish m. (@octem5) August 10, 2020

[via Sora News 24, opening image via DFree / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411031/Billie-Eilish-Enamors-Fans-With-Animated-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Music-Video/

‘Napkin Tops’ Are The Latest Racy Look To Wipe Over The Fashion World

Image via TROIS

(Somewhat) paralleling humankind’s strange pinings for TP, the fashion sphere has a new obsession for “napkin tops.”

The risqué trend was spotted by Who What Wear, who coined the term. It involves a single piece of delicate fabric made only for the front, with the back featuring only thin straps to tie the top together and hold it in place.

The revealing garments can be seen across new collections by independent design labels like TROIS, Subsurface, and STAUD, and seem to be popping up in more places now.

Seeing as how streets have been dominated with some crazy and unsolicited looks in the past, these dangerous but sleek pieces shouldn’t get you too mad.

The surprisingly versatile backless tops will look elegant when layered over for more conservative settings but are poised to steal glances during nights out.

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Beauty, Annemiek lounging in the Silk Tie Top. 🤍 ✔️

A post shared by SUBSURFACE (@subsurface.tv) on May 24, 2020 at 8:08am PDT

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The thinnest straps and highest quality silk. We’re intentional about everything we do, and it’s important to us to use quality fabrications and support vendors that prioritize craft and integrity over quantity. #silktietop #summersilk

A post shared by SUBSURFACE (@subsurface.tv) on May 21, 2020 at 8:48am PDT

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Delicate. 〰️🖤 @jordankanegis

A post shared by SUBSURFACE (@subsurface.tv) on Jun 5, 2020 at 8:54am PDT

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The Ruby by @noemielacerte a new pre order is now available 🤍

A post shared by TROIS (@trois_thelabel) on Jul 7, 2020 at 3:49pm PDT

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At home with @nycbambi wearing the new ‘Knitted Halterneck Top’ in white. Shop at www.stonelabel.co 🤍

A post shared by STONE (@stonelabel) on Jul 21, 2020 at 11:49am PDT

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Baby got back. Shop the Knitted Halterneck Top at www.stonelabel.co

A post shared by STONE (@stonelabel) on Jul 8, 2020 at 3:19pm PDT

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A post shared by SUBSURFACE (@subsurface.tv) on May 27, 2020 at 9:34am PDT

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You don’t really need the back of a shirt anyway.

A post shared by Reformation (@reformation) on Apr 18, 2020 at 2:45pm PDT

[via Who What Wear, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411028/Napkin-Tops-Are-The-Latest-Racy-Look-To-Wipe-Over-The-Fashion-World/

The Ocean Has A ‘New Species’ As Shown In Stirring Film Voiced By Morgan Freeman

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Video screenshot via GS&P

A new short film titled Life Below Water: The Arrival of a New Species tells audiences about a booming “new species.” It’s voiced by Hollywood’s personification of God himself, Morgan Freeman.

“The creatures in this fascinating species do not have brains, teeth or even simple nervous systems, but miraculously they can travel for hundreds of miles and live to be over a thousand years old,” he seethes in the video.

The Google-funded film was created by ad company Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) as part of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The film runs for a little over two minutes, showcasing the blue ocean and underwater creatures swimming among humanmade waste such as bottle caps, cigarette butts, and plastic bags.

The short has been released along with several teaser spots on YouTube. Watch it below.

[via Campaign, cover image via GS&P] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411027/The-Ocean-Has-A-New-Species-As-Shown-In-Stirring-Film-Voiced-By-Morgan-Freeman/

Disney’s Unseen Buzz Lightyear Sketches Show Infinitely Different Look & Beyond

Image via IMDb

Disney has released some early designs of the iconic Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary.

Fans are treated to initial sketches of what the space ranger could have looked like, some of which show how different the character was—from his face to his costume—when compared to his final legendary look.

One recurring design element was a glass dome for his space helmet, which looked a little cumbersome compared to the slick flip-up design in the final look.

The biggest departure from his present appearance saw the character as a 1950s-style sci-fi adventure serial with a spear-like weapon. The letters “LL” were printed on his chest, representing his original name, Lunar Larry.

Another design shows a more familiar look of Buzz with a square jaw and in headgear, with pop-out wings on his back.

Aside from the “evolution of his design,” Pixar historian Christine Freeman said that Buzz’s name had changed from “Tempus of Morph to Lunar Larry, to Buzz Lightyear.”

You can view the sketches here.

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Paging Star Command. A little help here? 😀

A post shared by Pixar (@pixar) on Apr 18, 2020 at 5:00pm PDT

[via Digital Spy, opening image via IMDb] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411019/Disney-s-Unseen-Buzz-Lightyear-Sketches-Show-Infinitely-Different-Look-Beyond/

Netflix Breaks Down Trans Clues In ‘The Matrix’ After Directors’ Confirmation

Image via IMDb

Earlier this week, The Matrix directors, sisters and trans women Lily and Lana Wachowski confirmed that the sci-fi film has always been seen as a trans allegory.

Lily stated that the film’s foundation is about “the desire for transformation but it was all coming from a closeted point of view.” With that being said, Netflix’s Twitter account decided to break down some possible transgender themes found in The Matrix.

The thread starts with a quote from writer Andrea Long Chu’s book, Females: “Neo has dysphoria. The Matrix is the gender binary. The agents are transphobia.”

One of the tweets highlights how Neo picked a new name after dropping his old moniker as he transitioned from the identity he was given to the one he created for himself.

Of course, the choice of picking the red pill and blue pill is an obvious hint as it gave him the option of seeing the world he was used to or seeing “the systems built to define and control his identity.” However, it is also “an apt metaphor for hormone therapy.”

“Lilly and Lana Wachowski gave us one of the most influential, enduring, and celebrated films of all time,” Netflix concluded the thread. “Through The Matrix, they gave trans people the possibility of a cinematic world without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.”

Read the full thread here.

Lilly Wachowski recently looked back on the film and confirmed the long-discussed theory of THE MATRIX as an allegory for gender transition. “THE MATRIX was all about the desire for transformation, but it was all coming from a closeted point of view."https://t.co/JZZsKnviBB

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

The “splinter” in Neo’s mind? That, for many trans folks, is a lot like the experience of being socialized as a gender that doesn’t align with their true gender identity.

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

Critic @willow_catelyn writes about the significance of Neo rejecting an old name (ie his deadname) for a new one (his chosen name) in her thread about the film’s legacy:https://t.co/HfvyOg54K8

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

And then there’s the whole red pill, blue pill connection.

Not only is the pill literally Neo’s gateway to seeing the world as it is and the systems built to define and control his identity, but it’s also an apt metaphor for hormone therapy. pic.twitter.com/Bipr8p9gcr

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

There’s also the character Switch (Belinda McClory), who was originally written as a trans masculine person. As Lilly Wachowski says, her and Lana's initial plan was for Switch to present as a man in the real world and a woman in The Matrix. pic.twitter.com/EBkJnN815N

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

Here’s the real galaxy brain moment: the trans themes of THE MATRIX aren’t only in the plot, but we could also look at the ways the film’s groundbreaking effects offer a visual representation of a trans experience.

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

Look at bullet time: a technique to split time. Or as Keegan puts it, bullet time “gives the sensation of two temporalities at once… an effect resonant with the experience of gender transition and its multiple embodiments across time.” pic.twitter.com/VjuAYWuLwP

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

Lilly and Lana Wachowski gave us one of the most influential, enduring, and celebrated films of all time. Through THE MATRIX, they gave trans people the possibility of a cinematic world without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) August 6, 2020

[via Digital Spy, cover image via IMDb] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411025/Netflix-Breaks-Down-Trans-Clues-In-The-Matrix-After-Directors-Confirmation/

Kylie Jenner Purrs In Plunging Leopard Print Bodysuit In Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ MV

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Kylie Jenner made a surprise appearance in Cardi B’s music video featuring Megan Thee Stallion, titled WAP.

The beauty mogul strutted down in a whimsical Alice in Wonderland-inspired house while donning a plunging leopard print bodysuit and matching thigh high boots.

The brief cameo started off by showing her in slow motion from the back, giving fans a glimpse at Jenner’s leopard-print train attached to her skintight bodysuit.

Jenner walked down the hallway while raising her arms and tossing her hair behind her. She had bright pink blush dusted on her cheeks and a brown smokey eye look. Her leopard bodysuit featured a deep neckline that showcased her cleavage.

Cardi B, too, appeared to be rocking a similar leopard print ensemble in the music video. The rapper posed with her legs split on top of two gold chairs with leopard print upholstery.

However, Cardi B’s ensemble appeared to be much racier, as her bodysuit had cutouts at the front, exposing her chest area. She covered her nipples with leopard print stickers, while decked in matching cat print gloves.

imagina ser a kylie jenner #WAP pic.twitter.com/USMzqQ1m8B

— junior. (@blakeangelsw) August 7, 2020

.@iamcardib it’s the leopard print lewk for me.. #WAP pic.twitter.com/A3QwSWM95K

— Jei Monroe | Slay Coach (@JeiMonroe) August 7, 2020

.@iamcardib 2nd verse though 🤯🤯😩🙌🏽 #WAP #CardiAndMeg pic.twitter.com/aS6tWeEROf

— BET (@BET) August 7, 2020

[via Independent, opening image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411023/Kylie-Jenner-Purrs-In-Plunging-Leopard-Print-Bodysuit-In-Cardi-B-s-WAP-MV/