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Snapchat’s Ultimate Goal Isn’t Just Chat—It’s Total Media Domination

It can be difficult to get a handle on Snapchat sometimes, and not just because of its notoriously user-hostile (at least for old people) design. It’s also a slippery target because it keeps changing so rapidly–the Snapchat you thought you knew six months or a year ago isn’t the same Snapchat you’ll be using tomorrow.…


Watch LinkedIn’s First-Ever TV Commercial

LinkedIn is heading for Hollywood. The social media platform for the career-oriented is launching its first-ever television commercial to air during Sunday’s Academy Awards, according to Re/code. The ad comes with the title, “You’re closer than you think.” The 30-second spot features an astronaut in space and suggests viewers can one day join the profession.…



TV Gets Small: Instagram and Snapchat Launch New Shows

Now that video has been freed from the box we call television, it can take whatever shape and form it wants, and that is producing some pretty interesting experiments. Vine has its six-second vignettes, and Periscope has live-streaming of news events, and now Instagram and Snapchat have released their own versions of TV-style shows. In…