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Tricks to make your broadband faster at home – and the ones that definitely won’t work

With more families staying at home at work and children not going to school because of the continuing pandemic, the speed of the Internet and mobile …

Tricks to make your broadband faster at home – and the ones that definitely won’t work

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Positive Coronavirus News – Tech News #PositiveCoronavirusNews


Tesla will reopen it’s New York factory ASAP to manufacture ventilators for Coronavirus patients.

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Positive Coronavirus News – We have the Internet To Keep Us Connected – #PositiveCoronavirusNews

We have the internet to keep us connected…

Before the internet, isolation would have been extremely lonely.

But thanks to the advent of modern technology, it is easy to FaceTime & video call our loved ones and keep up with them on Social Media, making us feel much more connected then we otherwise would have.

Dr Shmerling said: “We currently have ways to practice social distancing that preserve at least some social and medical connections.

“People in isolation or quarantine can ask for help, visit friends, ‘see’ family and doctors virtually and provide updates on their condition.”

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Tech and Tools to Help You Transition to Remote Work [Infographic]

Looking for ways to optimize your WFH process? Check out these insights into the benefits, and pitfalls, of remote work, along with some helpful tool tips.


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Social Media Report

A little trust, a little love, and a lot of convenience…

From digital detoxing and data security to the demand for fast and personalized experiences, new forces are changing the rules of customer engagement. 

But amid all these changes, there are timeless customer needs that won’t be changing anytime soon. 

In this ebook, you’ll discover three keys to customer engagement that you can use to build a lasting marketing strategy.

What You’ll Learn

  • What today’s customers expect from your brand on social
  • The 3 C’s of customer engagement
  • How real brands are putting these principles into practice

See Report Below…

Rest of the 2020 Social Media Report Slides.

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Entrepreneur News – Global Billionaires are all competing to see who can help us out the most over Coronavirus Catastrophy…

Coronavirus News

Tech billionaires are jostling to donate protective masks.

Over the weekend a flurry of tech CEOs including Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Tesla’s Elon Musk promised to deliver millions of masks to healthcare workers working on the front line to fight against the coronavirus.

Panic buying means masks are in short supply even for hospital staff, so much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said last week that as a last resort healthcare workers should use a bandana or scarf.

The World Health Organizationcautions that members of the public do not need to wear masks unless they are caring for someone who has contracted COVID-19, and warns that they are only effective if put on and removed properly.

Here are the tech billionaires who have promised to donate masks:

Apple — minimum 2 million masks

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook.


Apple CEO TIm Cook announced on Saturday that Apple will be donating “millions” of masks to health workers in the US and Europe.

In a press meeting on Saturday Vice President Mike Pence said Apple would be donating two million masks to the US.

It’s not clear how many more Apple plans to donate to European healthcare workers.

Facebook — 720,000 with “millions” more on the way

Mark Zuckerberg

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In a Facebook post on Sunday Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook will be donating it had left over from the California wildfires while it works on sourcing “millions more.”

When asked by Business Insider how many millions of masks it is aiming to provide, a Facebook spokesperson said:

“The situation is ever-changing and we all need to be flexible. Our commitment to our community will only get stronger. We are actively looking for new ways to make a difference and we’ll keep you posted.”

Tesla and SpaceX — 250,000 masks and 1,000 ventilators

Elon Musk SpaceX Starlink

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

 AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In an email to CleanTechnica on Saturday Elon Musk said Tesla and SpaceX have 250,000 N95 masks ready to start sending out. “Aiming to start distributing those to hospitals tomorrow night,” Musk added in the email.

Responding to a user on Twitter on Sunday asking for him to send aid to hospitals in Louisiana, Musk seemed to both promise N95 masks and criticize them for being unwieldy.

“We’ll try to get & deliver as many as possible. N95 masks are a pain to wear btw [by the way]. Less onerous masks are better most of the time,” said Musk.

On Sunday a researcher at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) also received 50,000 masks from Elon Musk, The Seattle Times reports.

Musk has also promised that Tesla and SpaceX will dedicate resources to manufacturing ventilators for hospitals, although Musk has simultaneously shown disbelief that there will be any shortage of the machines.

Musk told CleanTechnica however that the companies: “should have over 1000 ventilators by next week.”

Salesforce — 5 million masks and protective kit

marc benioff

REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tweeted Sunday that Salesforce had already donated 9,000 masks to the University of California Medical Center, and is working on distributing a total of 5 million masks this week plus extra protective equipment.

Jack Ma — 10.2 million masks

Jack Ma

Former Alibaba CEO Jack Ma.

REUTERS/Charles Platiau/File Photo

Looking farther afield than Silicon Valley, Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma has so far promised masks to 90 countries.

Jack Ma joined Twitter earlier this month to make his first announcement that his charitable organisation would be donating one million masks (alongside 500,000 coronavirus testing kits) to the US.

Since then he has announced that he will be shipping 100,000 masks to every single African country(meaning a total of 5.4 million),

On Saturday he announced 1.8 million masks would be distributed among Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

He then said a further two millionwould go towards 24 Latin American countries.

Microsoft — 15,000 protection goggles and other equipment

brad smith

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined the ways his company is teaming up with medical and research organizations to provide software tools in the COVID-19 fight.

Company president Brad Smith also outlined how the firm’s supply chain has been commandeered to provide protective equipment for medical workers. An initial batch of supplies has been delivered to Seattle, where the firm is headquartered.

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Windows 10 may abandon one of its most useful features

Could Windows 10 be set to eliminate the iconic control panel? Although Control Panel has been an essential part of Windows since Windows 2.0 was …

Windows 10 may abandon one of its most useful features

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Popular Phone Call Trick Could Keep Females Safe From Sleazy Cab Drivers

Image via Shutterstock

Females taxi passengers might be all-too-familiar with dodgy drivers who continuously make them question their safety during the ride.

To combat this issue, social media users are pre-recording videos mimicking phone calls to signal to drivers that they aren’t the only people aware of their trip.

The fake phone calls could start with sentences like, “I can see your location.” Callers might also claim that they are sending someone outside to pick the recipient up, covertly sending out a warning to sleazy drivers attempting to harm female passengers alone in their cars.

There are also interactive “templates” created by social media users that prompt others to fill in the silences with their own speech to make the conversations believable.

Another video to use if you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation pic.twitter.com/ORx6j92n9D

— niggathée chalamet (@haaniyah_) March 14, 2020

Teens on Tiktok are making fake conversation videos that people can play if they’re feeling unsafe in an Uber pic.twitter.com/OCbQOmrjet

— niggathée chalamet (@haaniyah_) March 14, 2020

Tiktok is truly saving lives out here pic.twitter.com/LTKFGv37KC

— niggathée chalamet (@haaniyah_) March 14, 2020

[via Dazed, cover image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409180/Popular-Phone-Call-Trick-Could-Keep-Females-Safe-From-Sleazy-Cab-Drivers/

Facebook’s Testing New Tools to Combat COVID-19 Misinformation on WhatsApp and Messenger

With various COVID-19 misinformation campaigns gaining traction in messaging apps, Facebook is working to stem the spread with tests of several new features. 


Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns, New Online Behavioral Shifts Are Beginning to Take Shape

With COVID-19 lockdowns taking hold across the world, we’re seeing the emergence of new online trends, which may extend well beyond the crisis itself.


Facebook Announces Free Assistance for Health Agencies Looking to Use Messenger to Communicate COVID-19 Info

Facebook will provide free services to health organizations in order to help them use Messenger to scale their response to the COVID-19 crisis.


More Nations Are Looking to Use Cell Phone Data to Track the COVID-19 Outbreak, Raising Privacy Concerns

As COVID-19 outbreak continues to expand, could cell phone and mobile data tracking be the key to containment? 


The New Welsh Inventions inspired by the Global Pandemic…

A new ventilator, a virus-killing snood and a hands-free door pull are just some of the innovations coming out of Wales to tackle coronavirus.

Since the outbreak, doctors, scientists and designers have been working on ideas to stop the virus spreading.

The ventilator has already successfully treated a Covid-19 patient and has been backed by the Welsh Government.

Mass production of the snood-type mask is under way while a 3D design of the handle has been widely circulated.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price, who was part of the impetus to get the ventilator into mass production, said the innovations put Wales “on the front foot” in the battle against the pandemic.

“It shows that Wales, as a small nation, can get things done quickly as we face the biggest challenge of our generation,” he said.

The Covid Emergency Ventilator

It took just three days to design but the senior doctor involved believes the easy-to-build device could dramatically ease the strain on NHS staff.


Image caption“The patient can self-care, releasing specialist nurses for other duties,” said Dr Rhys Thomas

Dr Rhys Thomas, from Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen, was “desperately concerned” at the lack of intensive care unit (ICU) ventilators to deal with the expected influx of patients.

Along with engineering company CR Clark & Co of Ammanford, he created a machine that not only helps patients to breath but cleans the room of viral particles.

“It’s simple and robust and specifically designed to work against Covid virus in a contagious environment,” said Dr Thomas.

“Although it won’t replace an ICU ventilator, the majority of patients won’t need intensive care if they are treated with this ventilator first.

“The machine will [also] clean the room of viral particles and only supply purified air to the patient. The patient can self-care, releasing specialist nurses for other duties.”

Dr Rhys Thomas

Image copyrightPLAID CYMRU

Image captionDr Rhys Thomas served for 17 years with the British Army, including seven tours of Afghanistan

He said a patient in Llanelli who was treated with the machine at the weekend was now “recovering well”.

Welsh ministers have given the go-ahead for production of up to 100 ventilators a day.

The ‘virus-killing’ snood

Designers claim the mask kills more than 95% of any viruses – including Covid-19.

woman wearing snood mask

Image captionThe snood has been developed in response to the pandemic

The company hopes to make as many as a million-a-week and plans to reserve part of that stock for the NHS.

“We have been working on the anti-viral coating since 2011 but it’s only in the last five weeks that we have developed the snood in response to the current pandemic,” said Anna Roberts, of Virustatic Shield.

The hands-free door handle

Wyn Griffiths came up with the idea after his wife visited a local hospital last week and had to touch door handles after sanitising her hands. 

door pull being made

Image captionAnyone with a 3D printer can now make the door pull

That evening he had designed a prototype ‘arm’ which attaches to an existing door handle, with a crook to open the door. 

He has now distributed the 3D design online for anyone to download it for free.

Mr Griffiths said: “Hopefully people who have a 3D printer can help out their local hospital or anywhere the public visits by distributing these around the country.”

Menai Science Park

Image captionM-Sparc in Gaerwen is supported by Bangor University

The innovation centre

The handle and snood were both designed at the Menai Science Park in Gaerwen on Anglesey, a hub for small start-up companies and scientific research.

Pryderi ap Rhisiart, managing director of M-Sparc, said it was “vital” the park plays its part in coming up with innovative ideas.

Pryderi ap Rhisiart

Image captionMr Rhisiart praised small companies developing “new innovative solutions”

“In the middle of all the doom and gloom it’s good to see small companies developing new innovative solutions,” he said.

“It’s just a glimpse. We’re not saying it’s the answer but it’s something.”

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Apple’s Siri Can Now Screen You For Coronavirus Right Through Your iPhone

Image via DedMityay / Shutterstock.com

People living in the US are scrambling to obtain coronavirus tests, which are unfortunately inaccessible to many at the moment. To bring some peace of mind, Apple has introduced COVID-19 screening in its virtual assistant, Siri.

Right through your iPhone, Siri will field questions about the novel coronavirus so people can reach out to appropriate contacts to allay COVID-19 concerns.

To start off, simply ask the voice assistant, “Do I have coronavirus?” and it will launch into a number of questions about possible symptoms drawn from data provided by the US Public Health Service. Symptoms could be a fever, dry cough, or breathing problems.

Other queries by Siri include whether you have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient recently.

For users who are 65 or older and experiencing pressing medical conditions, Siri will also encourage them to reach out to a medical provider.

Aside from updating Siri to fight the coronavirus, Apple has launched a new Oprah Talks COVID-19 show on Apple TV+. CEO Tim Cook has additionally announced that the company will donate “millions of masks” to health professionals in the US and Europe.

[via Tom’s Guide, cover image via DedMityay / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409158/Apple-s-Siri-Can-Now-Screen-You-For-Coronavirus-Right-Through-Your-iPhone/

15 Top Business Optimisation Tips…

Your business culture or philosophy is the ultimate key to your productivity and success. It will either enable or disable everything else that you do.

Developing the right business culture is key to your success as everything you do hinges around this fundamental aspect of your business.

If a businesses culture or the culture of the leaders or staff is wrong, the impact of even the best business growth and business optimisation techniques would be severely limited.

Too many organisations only pay lipservice to these factors and as a result they constantly struggle to make real progress.

Please find these 15 Top Business Optimisation Tips for you to implement in your business.

Business Optimisation Tip 1.

Business Optimisation Tips – 1:

Understand your higher business purpose!

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t buy products or services.

They do buy the outcomes that those products or services can provide, solutions, benefits, answers, value, advantages, improvements, time saving, efficiency, avoidance of pain, protection, pleasure, fun, excitement, fulfilment, enjoyment, prestige etc.

Your higher purpose for being in business should be to turn those positive outcomes into reality by promoting, selling and delivering the specific outcomes your customer is actually buying. When you start to look at what you do in terms of the positive outcomes you can deliver to your clients, you can feel justifiably proud of the contribution that you are making to your clients, whatever business you are in.

When you do that consistently you and your business will profit handsomely.

Business Optimisation Tips – 2:

Operate your business with Integrity!

Taking an ethical approach to your business, performing as promised, and operating in a sound manner is always a great business strategy.

Your values, philosophies and policies toward your employees and your customers must be based on fairness and a sincere belief that your customers deserve to be well served at all times.

It’s good to have the attitude that if it’s good for the customer then it’s good for the company, and vice versa.

Putting the customer’s interests ahead of your own and being completely customer focussed is key to a successful business.

Business Optimisation Tips – 3:

Constantly work on the optimisation & efficiency of your Business!

Don’t be content to accept lesser results than you’re entitled to for your efforts.

Instead demand and accept nothing less than the highest and best outcome for every action that you ever take and every activity that you ever engage in.

You do this by;

Integrating and leveraging all of your successful sales & marketing approaches to achieve the optimum outcome and getting the greatest return for the least expenditure of time, effort, manpower and money.

Optimising all of your staff and leadership team so that you have the right number and the right people involved in the right positions for your business to run at its optimum level.

Optimising all of your systems and process so that they can effectively and efficiently deal with all of the requirements placed on them by the business.

Optimising all of your business costs so that you can help to make the best profit possible in your business.


Business Optimisation Tips – 4:

Genuinely appreciate your team and do all that you can to keep them happy, productive, developing / progressing and efficient!

Many of the most successful & profitable companies in the world owe a large part of that success to having a very happy and contented workforce.

A happy and contented workforce are a group of people who know what they are supposed to be doing and that their efforts and their results are sincerely appreciated.

This will save you money in many ways.

Your staff turnover will go down. You’ll save a fortune on training and recruitment. You’ll suffer less abseteeism. It’s less likely that things will “go missing” etc.

Having an experienced workforce that isn’t always leaving and having to be retrained, one that really cares about your company and about looking after your customers, will result in fewer customer complaints, more customer satisfaction and customers who spend more money with you, more often and for much longer periods of time.

Business Optimisation Tips – 5

Build a balanced Team / Recruit the right people!

Recruitment is often seen almost exclusively as a search for individuals with the right qualifications, experience, and achievement.

Yet they are rarely found because of the requirement for more conflicting characteristics than can normally exist in any one person.

In a perfectly balanced team there is always someone who can deal naturally and effectively with any set of responsibilities. Each person just slots naturally into playing their part in growing and developing the business.

Most of us choose our life partner and raise our children with care, nurturing and compassion.

Yet we tend to select the people who will join our company on the basis of an interview or two, and once they’ve joined, they often discover they must fend for themselves.

This contrast illustrates the disparity between the family and work environments.

As around 75% of our adult waking time is devoted to work related activities, it makes sense to take as much care in recruiting the right people as it does in finding the right partners. You need to find people who care and who want to be the best.

Caring must be inherent in people’s natures. They have to feel it in their hearts. And if they do, their colleagues and clients will feel it too, and you’ll achieve much more success with less hassle and hard work.

If you look for genuinely pleasant people who have the right attitude and human values, the rest will usually fall into place. You can’t teach people to be nice.

Business Optimisation Tips – 6:

Empower your staff!

When companies consistently refuse to deviate from policy, they say to customers, in effect, “Our policy is more important than doing business with you.” Empowerment is the process of moving the decision-making process to the customer interface.

This will give your team at the customer interface the power to do whatever it reasonably takes to delight the customer.

Truly empowered employees invariably recognise and appreciate the authority they have been given and are more likely to use their initiative and good judgment to come up with better and less expensive solutions to a problem than that dictated by rigid policy manuals.

Business Optimisation Tips – 7:

Genuinely appreciate your customers and do all that you can to keep them happy – Be customer centric!

View your clients as long term friends and partners.

Redefine your business from the customer’s perspective as the basis of your philosophy, so that you protect and benefit them whenever and at the highest level possible.

But if no individual can combine all these qualities, a team of individuals can contain all the conflicting requirements that cannot be found in a single individual.

Business Optimisation Tips – 8:

Use Technology to improve the efficiency of the business!

Technology has been created to make our lives easier yet many businesses fail to use it effectively in their business. The majority of the top companies in the World are tech companies with a using technology for creating efficiency culture. Are you utilising your Technology; Websites, Web Platforms, Marketing Channels, Telecommunications, IT, CRM, Software etc. to the most of its ability to get the most efficiency out of them for your staff, your clients and your business?

Business Optimisation Tips – 9:

Adopt proven success practices!

The moment you start adapting and applying success practices that have already been tried & tested and refined by other industries, you can save yourself a massive learning curve.

If you can take advantage of £ millions or £ tens of millions or £ hundreds of millions worth of success-proven, profit-certain business practices that other industries have already validated, you’ve given yourself and your business an incredible edge over all your competitors and your level of success can’t help but increase.

Business Optimisation Tips – 10:

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and all have fun in the workplace!

Some of the world’s most successful companies attribute a large part of their success to the use of laughter, fun and play in the workplace to build morale, participation, and involvement.

Recognition and appreciation can play a vital role in boosting morale and productivity among hard-worked employees. You can easily implement a step-by-step plan for building an enthusiastic, high-performance team using hundreds of tried and tested techniques for enhancing employee satisfaction and personal pride, improving employee morale, heightening productivity, creating a more people-centered corporate culture, and ultimately increasing your profitability from the process.

Business Optimisation Tips – 11:

Continue to grow through a culture of personal development, self improvement and life long learning!

The growth of your business is the aggregate of the growth of your individual team members.

By constantly training everyone in your business to perform at higher levels than your competitors, you’re investing in the future, while improving your business today.

The better your training, the better everything works in your business. It radically improves your team’s understanding of your objectives; helps set standards of performance; produces predictable results; leads to consistent answers to each question or problem; results in customers being treated in a similar manner no matter who they deal with and makes a big difference to how everything functions in your business.

Business Optimisation Tips – 12:

Be passionate about your business, staff, product / service & customers!

Passion and enthusiasm are contagious … and all too rare.

People are more inspired to do business with you if you display conviction and enthusiasm for what you do and the way that you do it than any other factor.

If you genuinely burn with an overwhelming desire to enrich the lives of everyone you do business with, people will be attracted to you like metal filings to a magnet.

Business Optimisation Tips – 13:

Run a suggestion scheme

A good suggestion scheme is like having an oil well in your back garden.

There is no more important tool for management. Suggestion schemes can be made to work extraordinarily well in any business and can be the cornerstone of constant and never ending improvement.

If you and your team ask yourselves relentlessly each day, “How can we do this better?” or “What more can we do to …”, you are bound to find ways to improve. Whether large or small, these improvements can lead to regular discoveries that can transform your business.

Business Optimisation Tips – 14:

Measure staff motivation

How do you know if your staff are well motivated?

This is where most businesses are amazingly primitive. Their skills in measuring motivation are under-developed or non-existent.

Methods of measuring motivation include:

  1. Staff turnover,
  2. Absenteeism,
  3. Theft,
  4. Customer Service,
  5. Attitude surveys.
  • Motivation does not have to be left to chance. Every business can introduce systems for motivating its employees better. The benefits are enormous and once you start measuring the payback on your investment in the workforce, you will see real results.
  • Business Optimisation Tips – 15:

    Use tried and tested ways of increasing staff motivation.

    Give bonuses or implement profit share schemes so that everyone his motivated by the success of the business.

    If you need any help with any of the business optimisation strategies or tactics please feel free to contact Mike on: 07960 872549.


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Help with Your Business Optimisation including Switching your business online, where possible…

UK Business & Sports News

UK Business & Sports News

In Modern times it has been important to use technology and the Internet wherever possible in your business to improve it’s efficiency, processes, costs and the Sales & Marketing reach of clients and audience, and this has never been more important for businesses than NOW!

Coronavirus Effect!

Is your business ready and prepared for the new world order?

With the current climate being one of lock down, self isolation and restricted movement people are going to turn to technology and the internet even more now than ever before?

If you are not already embracing Technology and the Internet in your business the time to do something about it is NOW!

You need to start thinking about how you can move your business to one that operates more online!

Also what additional products or services can you sell online.?

Start thinking about what manual and labour intensive processes can be moved to your website or other online applications?

Start thinking about what expensive overheads can be reduced.

Start thinking about what protection and cover you might need in place to protect key performers and personnel in your business!

Start thinking about what members of staff are required to be in your business and what members are able to WORK REMOTELY from home.

Start thinking about whether all of your IT infrastructure is suitable and able to allow remote working.

Some of these things may be temporary but many might become the new norm, so don’t get left behind and start planning and implementing these changes today!

If you need any Business Strategy, Business Planning, Business Consultancy, Business Optimisation, Sales & Marketing Strategy or Solutions, Credit Control Strategy ir Solutions, Debt Collection Solutions / Accounts Receivable Solutions, Cost Saving, Energy / Utility Reduction, IT / Telecom / Website Infrastructure Optimisation or Business Change Implementation assistance in any of these areas of your business, then please feel free to contact Mike Armstrong on 07960 872549.

Mike can offer a free one to two hour, review and consultation of your business to chat about areas where he can help to optimise your business for the tough times ahead!

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How To Clean Your AirPods So You Won’t Have To Replace Them So Quickly

Image via Fadhli Adnan / Shutterstock.com

Apple’s AirPods don’t come cheap. It’s higher-tier AirPods Pro are significantly pricier, warranting an eye-watering US$249. It therefore makes sense to take proper care of the premium earphones in order to stretch that dollar.

The good news is maintaining them is pretty simple. Most importantly, don’t get your AirPods wet—never run them under water or let liquid get into their openings. Instead, use a soft, dry lint-free cloth to wipe them down, according to Apple’s support page. The microphones and speaker meshes can be cleaned with a dry cotton swab.

If the earphones are caught with liquid that could cause stains or damage, such as soaps, oil, sunscreen and perfumes, dampen a piece of cloth with fresh water and then dry them with a second cloth that’s gentle, dry and free of lint.

While the wireless charging caes are built to last longer, you’ll want to maintain them too to preserve their lifespans. Wipe your case down with a soft, dry lint-free cloth, dampened with isopropyl alcohol if necessary. Stay away from abrasive materials.

What to watch out for when cleaning the battery case is any liquid that might enter its charging ports. To avoid scratching your Lightning connector, use a clean, dry soft-bristled brush when removing debris.

Apple has more tips on how to clean your EarPods and AirPods Pro earbuds. Learn more over at its website.

[via POPSUGAR Tech, cover image via Fadhli Adnan / Shutterstock.com http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409107/How-To-Clean-Your-AirPods-So-You-Won-t-Have-To-Replace-Them-So-Quickly/

Apple Mistakenly Reveals Four Unreleased iPad Pro Models On Its Website

Image via Mahod84 / Shutterstock.com

Aside from a possible larger “budget” iPhone 9, Apple seemingly let slip that new iPad Pros will arrive in the foreseeable future.

The accidental reveal was spotted by Apple news-focused blog iPhone in Canada through a support document published by Apple on its Chinese website.

The listings hint at four models in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes and wireless LAN and cellular network options, namely A2228, A2231, A2229, and A2233. According to MacRumors, Apple recently filed the A2228 and A2229 variations in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, suggesting that they could be part of its lineup this year.

The listings, which didn’t indicate much beyond their sizes and compatible networks, were promptly taken down. However, earlier predictions point at a triple-lens rear camera with 3D sensing capabilities.

Apple was apparently poised to release new iPad Pros in the first half of the year, but the launch might now be delayed as production in China slows down over coronavirus concerns.

JUST IN:#Apple‘s Chinese website has leaked 4 brand new #iPad models in a customer support manual, here they are:

– 11-inch iPad Pro, WiFi- A2228
– 11-inch iPad Pro, Cellular: A2231
– 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Wi-Fi: A2229
– 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Cellular: A2233@Apple pic.twitter.com/lxGxGCaAcB

— Apple Terminal (@AppleTerminal) March 17, 2020

#Apple accidentally listed four new #iPadPro models on its website pic.twitter.com/PPhzXdCCfv

— Ʋϻάȵģ™ (@UmangG94) March 17, 2020

For more news on smartphones, visit here.

[via Engadget, cover image via Mahod84 / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409095/Apple-Mistakenly-Reveals-Four-Unreleased-iPad-Pro-Models-On-Its-Website/

WhatsApp’s Testing Disappearing Messages Based on a Set Time Limit

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new option which would enable users to set their WhatsApp messages to auto-delete after a set time limit.


Google Rolls Out Real-Time Translation in Multiple Languages for Google Translate

Google is launching a real-time audio translation option, in multiple languages, within Google Translate.


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Twitter Will Increase Its Use of Automation Tools as It Looks to Ensure Accuracy in COVID-19 Discussion

As it works to deal with a major shift in its workforce, and a rise in misinformation, Twitter will up its reliance on automation tools to detect potentially abusive and manipulative content.


Instagram’s Testing a New ‘Mirror’ Camera Mode for Stories

Instagram is testing a new ‘Mirror’ effect for the Stories camera, providing another way to enhance your visual presentation. 


Google Outlines Latest COVID-19 Tools on Google and YouTube, Including Changes to Content Reviews

Google has announced a new set of updates and tools as it seeks to help the community amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


Apple’s iOS 14 Seemingly Confirms ‘Budget’ iPhone 9 Will Come In Larger Option

Image via Apple

According to previous reports, Apple could likely roll out an entry-level iPhone with a 4.7-inch LCD display in 2020. Now, < i>9to5Mac has made a discovery in the code of iOS 14’s beta version that hints at a larger edition for the rumored iPhone.

This revelation suggests that the smartphone maker could be working on iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus models. The code also indicates that the new iPhones are likely the updated versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, which also had 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variations.

9to5Mac also predicts that the new iPhone models will come with Touch ID instead of Face ID and run on the A13 Bionic chip, similar to the iPhone 11 series. The new models are also expected to be “budget” options à la the iPhone SE.

The names for the new iPhones are currently dubbed as iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus, or iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 2 Plus, based on rumors. The new iPhones are expected to set for release in spring this year, possibly with or after the launch of iOS 13.4, and bare a alleged starting price of US$399.

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According to code discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple is working on both an iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus to replace the aging iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Both models will have an A13 Processor, likely meaning the iPhone XR will be discontinued. #Apple

A post shared by Spectrum Report (@spectrumreport) on Mar 16, 2020 at 11:44am PDT

[via 9to5Mac, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/409071/Apple-s-iOS-14-Seemingly-Confirms-Budget-iPhone-9-Will-Come-In-Larger-Option/