Facebook break can boost wellbeing, study suggests

Research finds leaving social network for a week increases life satisfaction, especially among heavy users and ‘lurkers’ Taking a break from Facebook can boost emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction, with the effects particularly pronounced among people who “lurk” on the social network without actively engaging with others, a study suggests. The research, by the University […]


How Google’s search algorithm spreads false information with a rightwing bias

Search and autocomplete algorithms prioritize sites with rightwing bias, and far-right groups trick it to boost propaganda and misinformation in search rankings Google’s search algorithm appears to be systematically promoting information that is either false or slanted with an extreme rightwing bias on subjects as varied as climate change and homosexuality. Following a recent investigation […]


Twitter fails to deal with far-right abuse, anti-hate crime group tells MPs

Tell MAMA accuses social networking site of ignoring calls to tackle online abuse against Muslims, Jews and LGBT people The founder of a hate-crime monitoring group has told MPs that Twitter is failing to tackle far-right extremists in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder. Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA, which records anti-Muslim abuse, said […]


Secret Facebook groups become Trump-era activist tools: ‘This is a wake-up call’

Those upset about the election of Donald Trump are using secret groups as a means to mobilize against what they fear could be a wild conservative agenda Anti-Trump protests continue across US as 10,000 march in New York Some say they now want to run for office. Others plan to write to their local mosques […]


Facebook makes 13 attempts to clone Snapchat. Lucky for some?

The social network’s latest attempts to take on Snap Inc at its own game include a new app in Brazil and a new feature in WhatsApp Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before: Facebook has released a Snapchat clone. The new standalone app offers ephemeral picture and video messaging, as well as […]


Vine-al countdown: fans share favourite Vines before app shuts down

Users of the platform remind us what we stand to lose when this weird and wonderful corner of the internet ceases to exist Twitter’s announcement on Thursday that it would be discontinuing Vine prompted a public outpouring of grief in six-second, endlessly looped increments. We shared some of the classics of the genre on Friday […]


Should water-cooler chat be left offline?

Tools for informal chat are believed to lend themselves to collaborative communication. But are they more suited to office gossip and cute gifs? The all-too-familiar reflex of minimising an open Facebook tab as your manager approaches could soon be relinquished to the past, as Facebook looks to legitimise its infiltration into our working lives. Itrecently […]


Facebook revenge pornography trial ‘could open floodgates’

Case of 14-year-old taking social network to court over naked picture has already resulted in others seeking legal advice A legal case against Facebook, which will involve a 14-year-old taking the company to court in Belfast over naked images published on the social network, could open the floodgates for other civil claims, according to lawyers […]


Inside Facebook’s robotic inner sanctum: a tour of its highly secretive hardware lab

Facebook wants the world to know it’s serious about hardware, but just how much is it willing to reveal? It’s an uncharacteristically gloomy day at Building 17 of Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. From the outside, it looks like any other office; it’s unremarkable except for the free valet parking booth erected in front of the […]


Rinstagram or Finstagram? The curious duality of the modern Instagram user

Behind many Instagram accounts featuring filtered selfies and sunkissed beaches is a second account reserved for close friends and full of wilfully unattractive shots Social media has given us many things: selfies, shelfies, belfies; this week Miranda July liveblogged her dentist visit. It has also given us online status anxiety, a pervasive fear of missingout […]