Tag: Social Media

Pinterest Announces Creator Showcase for Latiné Heritage Month

Pinterest will host a series of showcase events to celebrate Latin creators.


Facebook Experiments with Removing Data on Individual Stories Viewers

The test sees Facebook removing insight on who's viewed your Facebook Story unless they leave a Reaction or comment.


TikTok Outlines Agenda for Upcoming ‘TikTok World’ Showcase Event

The event will provide new insights and tips for marketers, as well as info on coming platform updates and tools.


New Report Shows that Facebook and YouTube Lead the Way as Key Sources of News Content

The latest 'News Consumption Across Social Media' report from Pew Research highlights how Americans use social platforms for news content.


TikTok Tests New Option to Pin Selected Video Clips to the Top of Your Profile

The option would enable users to better control how their content is displayed in the app.


Pinterest Tests Idea Pin Sharing Direct to Facebook and Instagram Stories

The new option will provide another way to promote your Idea Pins to a broader audience.


24 Infographic Design Tools to Help You Create Your Own Infographics [Infographic]

Infographics can be a great way to share information, and boost your online branding efforts.


Survey Reveals That UGC Can Drive Improved Trust and Loyalty for eCommerce Brands

As online shopping soars, new data shows today’s consumers want brands to create more authentic and personalized commerce experiences for them.


10 eCommerce Trends All Online Shop Owners Need to Know in 2022 [Infographic]

Looking to tap into the rise of eCommerce in 2022? Check out this graphic.


New Report Looks at How Small Businesses are Approaching Automation [Infographic]

The report looks at the business elements that SMBs consider eligible for automation, and those they don't.


Twitter Experiments with New Visual Editor, Which Would Incorporate Fleets Tools

The new visual editor would essentially bring all of the functionality of Fleets back, but in an altered form.


The ‘Facebook Files’ Investigation Highlights Key Concerns in the Platform’s Approach

A new investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal raises more questions about Facebook's societal impacts, and how to address its influence.


YouTube Adds New Analytics on Mobile, Expands Merch Listings to More Regions

The new insights will better enable mobile management of your YouTube presence.


Twitter’s New Experiments are Failing to Gain Traction, Which Could Lead to Major Changes at the App

Twitter's moving fast, and trying not to break things in the process – but thus far, its big new experiments are not seeing major interest.


Facebook Announces New Initiatives to Raise Awareness of Climate Change, and Tackle Climate Misinformation

Facebook will support a new program to combat climate misinformation – but it could still do more to restrict the reach of such.


Facebook Integrates Vimeo Create into Business Suite to Facilitate Video Creation

The integration will provide more ways for Facebook marketers to incorporate video elements into their campaigns.


Facebook Adds Login Connect via Messenger to Provide More Direct Connection Options

The new option will enable brands to establish more personalized, direct connection with prospective customers.


Facebook Announces New Business Connection Tools, Including Click-to-Message Expansion

Facebook has announced a range of tools to help businesses establish more direct connection with prospective customers.


Facebook Implements More Automated Ad Targeting to Counter Data Lost via Apple’s ATT Update

The option could drive better results for many advertisers, but it will also impede some.


YouTube Shares Overview of its Content Recommendation Systems, and the Key Factors that Define Reach

The insights could help to guide your YouTube marketing approach.


Pinterest Expands In-App Shopping Tools to More Regions

The expansion will help Pinterest maintain momentum in emerging markets.


Google Adds More Automation Options to Display Ads as it Seeks to Counter Data Gathering Restrictions

The new tools provide more automation options for Display Ad targeting, which could help to drive improved results.


New Report Shows That Instagram Has Had the Most Outages Among Social Platforms Over the Past Year

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat saw the most outages among social platforms over the past year.


Facebook Launches New Business Guide and Support Features for Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

The guide looks at how businesses can support Latin and Hispanic communities and creators.


Instagram Publishes New Holiday Season Guide, Highlighting its Latest eCommerce Additions

The new guide provides tips and notes on all of Instagram's various eCommerce tools and display options.