Tag: Social Media News

YouTube Tests New Shorts Logo, Provides Tips on How to Get Videos Featured in Shorts Feed

YouTube is working on the next stage of its Shorts video feature as it looks to tap into the rising popularity of TikTok.


Facebook Shares New Report on the Rise of ‘Mindful Wellness’ and What it Means for Marketers

Facebook has published a new guide which looks at emerging consumer behaviors as a result of COVID-19.


TikTok Launches New Notification System to Help Creators Understand Video Removals

TikTok has announced a new notification system which will provide more insight into moderation decisions.


Snapchat Adds New Barcode Scanning Capacity for Selected Products, Providing Further Insight

Snapchat has added some new options to its Snap Camera scan capacity, with users now able to get additional product information by scanning a bar code on an item. 


Facebook Launches New Podcast to Share Business Insights and Advice

Facebook has announced a new podcast interview series which will share insights and tips on how to maximize Facebook's tools.


Twitter Prompts All US Users to Vote, Adds New Vote-Related Hashflags

Twitter is launching a major voter awareness push, including new, in-feed prompts for every user in the US, and new vote-relates hashflags.


WhatsApp Announces New Business Features, Flags Coming Charges for Some Business Services

WhatsApp has announced some new areas of focus for its evolving business tools, while it will also begin charging for some advanced options.


Facebook’s Oversight Board Begins Hearing Cases, Adding a New Element to Content Decisions

Facebook's Content Oversight Board, which has been in development for over a year, will now begin hearing cases.


Facebook Launches Facebook Dating in Europe

Facebook is expanding the availability of Facebook Dating, with several European nations getting access to the option.


Facebook Outlines its Evolving Efforts to Detect Scammers on its Platforms

Facebook has shared a new report on its efforts to remove inauthentic networks working to manipulate Facebook users.


Facebook Rolls Out Easier Access to Chronological News Feed and Other Feed Sorting Options

Facebook is giving users some new, simple options to sort their order in which content is presented in their News Feed.


Twitter Updates Tweet Creation Process in Ads Manager

Twitter has updated the composer element of its Ads Manager, making it easier to see what your promoted tweets will look like before you launch your campaign.


Pinterest Announces New Initiatives to Support Underrepresented Creators

Pinterest has announced some new initiatives to ensure creators from minority groups receive equal representation on the platform. 


Twitter Will Now Enable Users to Share Topic Listings in Tweets and DMs

Twitter will now enable users to share topic lists, another way to expand relevant tweet discovery.


Facebook Publishes New Guide on Breakthrough Ad Tactics Used in Successful Campaigns

Facebook has published a new guide which looks at some of the most effective ad techniques for digital campaigns.


TikTok Updates Moderation Guidelines Around QAnon and Harmful Targeting of Minorities

TikTok has announced a range of updates to its rules in order to better protect its users and remove harmful misinformation.


Facebook Announces New Advertising Options for the Holidays, Including Product Tags in Instagram Ads

Facebook has announced some handy new promotional options for the holidays, including new custom audiences and product tags in Instagram ads.


Facebook Launches Test of Nextdoor Style ‘Neighborhoods’ Feature

Facebook is testing a new 'Neighborhoods' feature which aims to connect users to local community news and happenings.


Facebook Initiates Legal Action Against More Companies for Selling Followers and Likes

Facebook has announced new legal action against two companies found to be selling likes and followers.


LinkedIn Shares New Insights on How to Target Gamers with LinkedIn Campaigns [Infographic]

LinkedIn has published a collection of insights into the gaming community on the platform, and how to reach them.


Facebook Relaunches Spark AR Partner Network to Maximize AR Potential

Facebook is looking to boost its AR potential with the re-launch of its Spark AR partner network for brands.


Snapchat Reports Increases in Both Users and Revenue Rise in Strong Quarter for the App

Snapchat has released its latest earnings update, showing improvements in both users and revenue.


Facebook Provides New COVID-19 Spread Prediction Maps in the US

Facebook's research team has developed new maps that predict the likely spread of COVID-19 across US counties based on real-time information and relationship data.


Facebook Shares New Insights into the Impacts of COVID-19 on SMBs

Facebook has published the latest version of its 'State of Small Business' report, which looks at how SMBs are coping with the impacts of COVID-19.


LinkedIn Adds New Event Features, Rolls Out Video Meeting Options via LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn has added some new features to enhance its virtual events offering, while it's also giving all users access to its new video meeting tools.