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Shots fired! Reddit CEO has some harsh words for TikTok

Shots fired! Reddit CEO has some harsh words for TikTok

Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit and not a TikTok fan –

The CEO of Reddit has delivered a stinging indictment of new-kid-on-the-block TikTok, calling the platform a ‘parasite’.

Steve Huffman, the co-founder of Reddit was speaking at an event in California this week, when he warned people against putting the video-sharing app on their phone.

When asked whether or not Silicon Valley startups could learn something from TikTok (which was built in China by a company called ByteDance) Huffman didn’t hold back.

‘Maybe I’m going to regret this, but I can’t even get to that level of thinking with them,’ Huffman said, according to TechCrunch.

‘Because I look at that app as so fundamentally parasitic, that it’s always listening, the fingerprinting technology they use is truly terrifying, and I could not bring myself to install an app like that on my phone.’

‘I actively tell people, ‘Don’t install that spyware on your phone.’

TikTok has exploded in popularity, but has drawn criticism for its handling of user data. Despite this, TikTok recently introduced revised parental controls to make it easier for adults to supervise how their children use the app.

A new family safety mode will link a parent’s account to their child’s. The feature will enable parents to control the amount of screen time allowed on TikTok, who can directly message the account and restrict types of content which appear in the feed of their child’s account.

TiKTok has exploded in popularity over the last 18 months –

The social media platform’s head of trust and safety in Europe, Cormac Keenan said the app had worked with some of the platform’s most popular figures to introduce the prompts.

He said they would ‘remind our community to be aware of the time they spend on TikTok and to encourage them to consider taking some time out’.

Writing in a blog post announcing the new safety features, Mr Keenan said: ‘When people use TikTok, we know they expect an experience that is fun, authentic, and safe.

‘As part of our ongoing commitment to providing users with features and resources to have the best experience on TikTok, we are announcing family safety mode, a new feature to help parents and guardians keep their teens safe on TikTok.

‘We will keep introducing ways to keep our community safe so they can stay focused on what matters to them – creating, sharing, and enjoying the creativity of TikTok’s community.’

— Read on metro.co.uk/2020/02/27/shots-fired-reddit-ceo-harsh-words-tiktok-12311726/

3 Ways to Bring Humanity Back to Marketing at #SMWLA

Marketers today must fundamentally rethink their efforts and resist the urge to remain static and in the confines of the status quo. We’ve spent a decade building the systems, platforms, etc. and measure engagement but now is the time to regroup and get back to the basics: humanity.

During #SMWLA, we’re diving into this topic with several key leaders in the space who will share case studies, insights and tips for connecting emotionally with people to build a maintain a community of loyal customers and not lose sight of their audiences as people.

The sessions below are just a small sample of what we have programmed to help us explore the power and importance of getting back to the reasons why marketing is a force for good and the tools and mechanisms by which we can enable this to happen.

Why Influencers Are Key to Bringing the Human Voice Back to Marketing

Influencers have ushered their way into marketers’ toolkits but the larger question they continue to present is how can they help us authentically integrate the human voice and experience into our storytelling and campaigns? In 2020 and beyond it will be key to challenge the norm and resist an extractive approach to how we engage consumers.

Learn how to shape your strategy so that it is genuine and provides content that is valuable and equitable for your audience in a panel led by Tulani Elisa, VP of Social Media at FOX Entertainment.

Making Mission Your Message

In today’s mobile-first world, where we spend our time and our attention impacts much more than what we buy and how much we spend. As a result, we must ensure our marketing is purpose-led, clear, and has unique characteristics to stand out above the noise. Executing on this boils down to a creating cohesive sense of your brand’s identity.

To get started, join Amazon’s Sabena Gupta as she shares best practices for bringing your mission to life in your creative that will speak for itself and translate into a strong presence in cross-channel campaigns.

Supercharging Social Engagement with Extended Creative Partnerships

The influencer marketing industry is predicted to be worth $10 billion by the end of this year. The role of influencers in helping brands connect with their audiences in highly relevant ways continues to evolve and be a dominant force for marketers in achieving scalable results. But, the differentiating factor is finding targeted partnerships as opposed to working with influencers based on the number of followers they have.

In this session, EP and Creative Director for Comedy Central Digital Studios, Mitch Lewis, will lead a panel covering the best practices for crafting original, organic content that drives authentic brand awareness.

There’s still time to join us at the Broad Stage this June (17-18). Browse the initial agenda and secure your pass online today for a discount off the walkup price.

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100’s of popular twitter hashtags…

100’s of populer twitter hashtags…

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Contact Form Design: 19 Tips for a High-Converting Contact Page [Infographic]

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How Twitch is Defining the Future of IRL Streaming

Twitch, the Amazon-owned live streaming service is on track to hit 40 million monthly active viewers in the U.S. per new projections from eMarketer, up 14.3 percent from 2019 figures. Come 2023, it is anticipated the platform will boast 47 million viewers.

While the platform has become synonymous with video game streaming and esports fanatics, recent traction has been attributed to Twitch’s efforts to expand its content scope.

What is IRL Streaming?

In 2016 Twitch announced the new streaming category ‘In Real Life” or IRL for short. Taken from its name, the space is designed for users to share glimpses into their day-to-day life as a means of driving authentic engagement with viewers.

In a statement upon its release, CEO Emmett Shear shared,” What we’ve heard repeatedly from [Twitch’s creators] is that they are interested in sharing their everyday lives, thoughts, and opinions with their communities. IRL is designed to help our creators foster that kind of community interaction.”

Shortly after, it became clear that in order to help users benefit from the category, there would have to be a better system for describing content. By September 2018, Twitch had unveiled 10 new categories including Art, Food and Drink, Science and Technology, Sports and Fitness, Talk shows and podcasts, and just chatting.

“With so many streamers on Twitch, we needed to give you better ways to describe your stream when you go live,” a description on the site read ahead of the update.

“Just Chatting” Category Eclipses Video Games Views

In December 2019 StreamElements shared new data revealing Twitch’s “Just Chatting” category streams were watched more than any video game that month. Specifically, viewers tune into 81 million hours of content in this chatting, 7 million more than the game League of Legends and 23 million more than Fortnite.

This marked the first time a non-gaming category earned the title “most-watched,” marking the platform’s transition into a broader, more versatile live streaming hub with more options for the general public than just those with a passion for gaming.

Since its launch, the steady growth of Just Chatting has not only been attributed to a sustainable source of viewership for Twitch, but it’s evolved into a powerful vehicle that streamers can use to improve their brand.

What This Means

Person-to-person streaming is now exceeding actual people watching gamer streams on Twitch behavior and with it, a clear trend is emerging out of these platforms.

Lolimdivine, a Redditor who spent nearly eight months streaming to no one, is now reaping the benefits of an established community. “My regulars and I always talk about our lives, and we all know stuff about each other,” lolimdivine said. “It’s like we have our own little internet family honestly. I see these people as my friends and not viewers. We welcome people with open arms from all around the world, and we remember things about the people who can only stop by once a month. It’s really an incredible thing that Twitch can do for people’s loneliness or friend groups,” they shared in a statement to The Verge.

By allowing broadcasters to leverage existing communities through additional categories, they create a more intimate relationship with their viewers that gives them a more holistic picture of their passions and hobbies. Ultimately, this creates a valuable opportunity to connect with audiences they typically wouldn’t encounter. As a result, they’re able to successfully bridge online and in-person relationships that extend beyond niche subjects and are grounded by meaningful shared experiences.

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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Creator Studio App

This year there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second. By 2022, online videos will account for over 82 percent of all internet traffic — a 15x increase compared to 2017.

Audiences find videos more engaging and more memorable than any other type of content

Video continues to stake its claim in the digital space, carving more territory for itself and cementing its role as one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy. As we roll into 2020, there is a lot more for us to understand about video content, but one this is clear — it is no longer a nice to have but a necessity if your storytelling efforts are to be deemed engaging and memorable and drive conversions and exposure.

To help publishers and creators hone their approaches and cater to the demands of a mobile-first world, Facebook unveiled an iOS and Android application companion to its Creator Studio. At a glance, the tool is targeted to allow enhanced management of uploads, performance tracking, and convenient ways to stay in touch with audiences in real-time.

The journey to a creator-centric app

For those unfamiliar with the background, Creator Studio initially launched on desktop last September and served as a replacement for the ‘Creator’ app launch in 2017 (originally released until the title of ‘Mentions’ in 2014). With the history lesson out of the way, let’s take a peek at what the mobile companion has to offer.

Per the announcement — written by the platform’s Head of Creator and Publisher Experience Jeff Birkeland — you can expect the exact same insights and engagement metrics as the desktop hub with a number of added benefits helping manage and edit Page posts, view and make sense of performance analytics, and engage with your audience.

Let’s break these down some more:

Measured metrics and improved multi-account management

A huge priority with the app is to guide creators and publishers as they look to evolve their strategies with rich insights. In the mobile version of Creator Studio, you can seamlessly trace how your videos are performing including one-minute views and average minutes viewed. You can also keep tabs on your advertising earnings, the number of users who commented or shared a video, and how people watched your video for at least 3 seconds.

To take the headache out of hovering from one account to another, the app comes with the functionality to Manage several Facebook Pages and toggle between them without having to go through the added step of logging in and out each time.

“It’s a desktop-mobile ecosystem where you’re getting the benefits across the board,” Birkeland reiterated in a statement to Business Insider. In other words, the app isn’t intended to replace your management process but enhance its feasibility and flexibility.

Creating sustainable audiences and refining your content on-the-go

One of the primary reasons Facebook decided to create a mobile version of Creator Studio was upon receiving feedback that its users wanted to be able to edit video headlines and descriptions and respond to comments from their phones. In this vein, the app comes equipped with the capability of customizing video titles and descriptions, deleting and expiring posts, published drafted posts, and rescheduling scheduled posts.

Consumer intelligence is rising in the ranks as valuable as a form of data that translates into deeper audience relationships and improved decision making. In a nod to this, the Creator Studio app makes it easier to connect with audiences in real-time. Specifically, messages and comments can be responded to directly through the app’s inbox. To help you track your progress over time, the apps come with a setting to schedule notifications when you’ve hit a key milestone.

Being present with your brand continues to be one of the leading ways to secure meaningful engagement. Facebook’s update gives publishers and creators a more streamlined and cohesive way of achieving this in a format that the majority of viewers opt to use. With easier ways of producing and measuring the performance content as well as staying on top of useful feedback, this capability will be integral in bringing a human element to your marketing efforts.

In this vein, marketers should certainly take note that aside from having a human voice, diversifying sources of income continues to be a growing priority for creators as they look to repurpose their content, reach broader audiences at scale, and rise above the noise.

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