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Tech Employees Vow Not to Help Trump Surveil and Deport Immigrants

More than 100 employees of technology companies including Alphabet‘s Google, Twitter, and Salesforce.com pledged on Tuesday to not help U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s administration build a data registry to track people based on their religion or assist in mass deportations. Drawing comparisons to the Holocaust and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II,…


Twitter’s Revamped Character Limit Is Finally Here

Finally, 140 means 140, not 140 minus pictures. On Monday, Twitter rolled out substantial changes to how its character limit works. These changes, first announced in May, are aimed at giving users more space to fit their thoughts into 140 characters, the limit for each tweet. Attachments like GIFs, pictures and polls will no longer…


Can Twitter Make It?

People outside the technology industry will be puzzled to read Erin Griffith’s outstanding article in the current issue of Fortune about Twitter. They will learn about a company worth a “mere” $12 billion (about half its one-time value) that has more than 300 million users (a fraction of Silicon Valley’s truly successful companies, like Facebook…